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    Question Rotational Fall Question

    Hi all! I often read the forums, but this is my first time posting. I need some advice.

    I'm looking at a mare who has a decent record, but had a rotational fall at her first prelim out on cross country jump. I plan to do mostly novice/training. Should I go look at her? Or would most of you stay clear of a horse that has done that in the past? I know a lot of falls are freak accidents, but also didn't know how much of it is usually due to jumping form and ability.

    Any thoughts would be great. Thanks!!!

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    It's hard to know without knowing what the rider is like? Sometimes it can be rider error, sometimes horse error.

    The horse's natural form and style over a jump should give you some indication of whether it is naturally inclined to snap those front feet up out of the way, but as you say - sometimes these things are just freak situations.

    ETA; just because I am currently enjoying looking through all of these!
    To illustrate my point, I personally would much prefer the natural style of this horse:
    Over this horse:

    (It helps to look at their thumbnail pages to see how the style continues no matter what the jump, but for some reason I can't link to their thumbnail pages, just individual shots.)

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    Has she gone on to have good rounds post fall? Does she normally jump in safe form, not hanging legs or leaving them behind? What type of question did she fall at? Is she backed off now on xc, or is she still happy to go?

    Those are the types of questions I would seek answers to. You may need to do some investigating and not rely solely on the sellers for the answers (find her pictures from events and study her form, if she's in your area, ask people who may know her but aren't connected to her what they think of her style, things like that). A rotational fall does not instantly mean the horse is unsafe (I've known LOTS of horses who've had a fall who have gone on to have great, safe careers at all levels). BUT, you do want to make sure that she wasn't a fall waiting to happen!

    If she hasn't competed since her fall, I would not be hot on her, merely for the fact that I wouldn't want to buy her, take her to an event and find out that she scared herself badly. But if she's been out and happily jumped around (better if you can actually SEE her compete to see if she's being nursed around, or if she's still game) AND she wasn't possibly an accident waiting to happen, then I wouldn't hesitate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TallyHoFarm View Post
    Hi all! I often read the forums, but this is my first time posting. I need some advice.

    I'm looking at a mare who has a decent record, but had a rotational fall at her first prelim out on cross country jump.

    Any thoughts would be great. Thanks!!!
    How do you know she had a rotational fall? What do the owners/riders say caused the rotational file.

    I had a rotational fall at Training due to bad footing (wet Virginia clay with not enough gravel) on take off. The horse had bar shoes on, and when he tried to push off, his front feet just stuck in the mud. As far as I know that was his only horse fall ever.

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    Pretty much agree w/YellowBritches. Be careful but it may have been a fluke. Don't count her out but proceed with caution!

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