I have an Adam slant/stock combo. I haul only one horse 99% of the time. Sometimes I haul him in the slant "stall" up front, slant gate closed. Other times, I haul him completely loose. The trailer came with 2 big "D" rings. One in the front "nose" corner of the slant stall, and one in the middle side of trailer, just behind slant gate, for "horse #2" when I haul 2. IF I hang a hay bag for horse #1, it's tight. In other words, his face is in the hay bag, so I don't do it. He is 16.1 and long Without the hay bag he fits nicely in the slant area.

When I haul loose, he faces backwards which he loves, and won't touch the hay bag up front. I plan on having the trailer shop install a top "D" ring in a back corner so he can munch on hay facing backwards.

I would also like a feed bag option for him. A corner feed bag won't work - no room in the front slant stall, and the back of my trailer is the door. I saw rectangular and square feed bags and can ask to have small "D" rings attached to the side of the trailer for when I haul loose, or when he is just hanging out in the trailer at a show, but would that even work?? I picture the square or rectangular feed bag collapsing.

Does anyone have any ideas or other ways they hang a feed bag in an open stock, besides corner feed bags?

I try to get as many groceries into this horse as I can - he's a hard keeper, so if I could get him to eat some soaked cubes or a pound or two of senior feed on the way home, it would be helpful. Thanks