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    Apr. 22, 2011
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    So I got my new baby last night!

    Birdy is the first pup seen...Cindy Crawford look-alike w/ the blk spot on her right flew, big blaze, spot on neck...the BOINKER....the one who sits...the one w/lots of eye contact. My whole gang is enchanted with her, and I am IN LOVE

    Gotta say, though I've been through puppy homecomings countless times, I would like feedback on some stuff from y'all...

    What do you think about bringing her to bed w/us right away? She will be a bed-dog (the only bed dog), and last night after crating her next to her new siblings' beds, she became so frantic(20 min) that I brought her to bed, where she promptly curled up and slept until I had to go, so a trot out @ 2AM, then slept til 5:45.

    She WILL be crate-trained, so its not that I have any aversion to crating-far from it. My thinking is that she's so teeny (just 8 wks) that as long as she sleeps well, its more important for her to have a positive and calm entrance into our home...the crying was really distressing my other dogs. (and me.)

    Oh, and my teeny old kitteh came to sleep in his normal spot next to my face and found the Bird Girl there...SURPRISE!! I think he was totally intrigued by the fact that here was a critter even smaller than him!!

    So, puppies/dogs in bed?

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    Jan. 21, 2011
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    Of course! As she grows older she will likely choose different sleeping areas that appeal to her at any given time, sometimes it will be with you on/in bed, sometimes she will decide to do something else. At least, with the JRTs I have had over the years, that seems to be what happens. Right now, she seems to want that closeness.

    One thing I got for my older Jack that really seemed to help his stiff joints and aging body, was a mattress pad warmer. You put it on the mattress with the bottom sheet over top. Gentle warmth, a bit more at the foot area. The last couple years of his life he wanted to be under the covers at the warmest place over the heated area. My younger Jack who himself just earned two digits in his age, has now discovered that warm spot too and really enjoys it when the weather is cool.

    Congratulations on your new puppy! What an adorable group in that video.
    Surrealism: once an art form. Now indistinguishable from daily life. (Forgot who said that.)

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    Jul. 10, 2008


    Absolutely precious babies!! Thanks for sharing.

    No advice on the bed dog... I hate having dogs in bed.
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    Jun. 20, 2000
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    I've brought them into bed at 8 weeks. The first night is usually terrible and all the other dogs got really cranky as Puppy investigated everything and tried to get somedog to play. By night 2, sleep usually came easier and by day 3 they had it down.

    It does make potty training easier I used to just lift them down onto the newspaper, listen, then haul them back up.
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    Feb. 18, 2005


    She is adorable. But she should sleep in a crate until she is old enough to understand that you *invite* her to sleep on the bed. In other words - Wee One does not come onto the bed unless you say it is okay.

    Crate training is a lot more than teaching Wee One to sleep in a box. It establishes boundaries and helps to create the pecking order. While Wee One is all cuteness now - she is a terrier - and I think we can all agree that means she has an independent streak. By allowing Wee One - and only Wee One - on the bed, you are demonstrating preferential treatment over the other dogs. In dog language - you are saying she is 2nd in command or even 1st (if you fail to establish yourself as Pack Leader)

    I know it is very rough the first few nights - and so tempting to hush Wee One by allowing her to snuggle (so cute!) but I feel in the long run it creates more problems than it solves. Let her learn to sleep elsewhere - and then she can join you : )


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    Aug. 12, 2002
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    If you bring the puppy into the bed before it is house trained, you may end up with a surprise on your pillow

    My little JRT is about 12 weeks old now and we play with her on the bed for about 30 min before lights out and then we put her in the crate next to the bed to sleep. I can't stand the thought of an accident in our bed.

    Once she is house trained fully, she is welcome to sleep with us. Can't wait!!!

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    Dec. 13, 2010
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    Oh, you're killing me!!! Makes me want another so badly - I had to close it. Pathetic, huh? Many congrats!

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