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    Oct. 20, 2008
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    Default Expense log from 19 years ago... Just for fun.

    Last weekend I ran into an old friend who leased my horse from me in 1995-1996. Apparently at the time she took him, I gave her my USPC Record book from my C-2 rating back in 1992. She returned it to me and tonight I sat down to sift through the pages. It's like going through a time capsul. There are all sorts of old pictures and records of injuries and events that are long forgotten.

    The MOST interesting part for me though is looking at those old expense sheets.

    In my income section I have lots of babysitting income....
    I made $25 once. Most of the time it ran between $12-20.

    I also had the following expenses that year:
    $225 - Montly board (in a stall, including feed)
    $10 - Call charge for vet
    $24 - Vaccinations (Tetanus, Rabies, EWE, flu)
    $55 - Trim and new ORTHOPEDIC shoes w/ pads
    $90 - Soundess exam with X-Rays

    As for activities, I took lots of lessons with a USPC National Examiner that year. They were $20 each.
    Lessons with my regular coach were $14.
    A two-day pony club rally cost me $150, including trailering there & stabling.
    I rode in a hunter trial and the show bill was $24.
    I bought a ticket to the American Invitational for $10
    I took a 3-day trek in Ireland... Not going to guess what the plane trip over cost, but the trek itself was $334

    It makes me chuckle to look back at these prices... Is this what the old folks talking about nickel gas (or beer) have been going on about?
    For now I'm writing down my montly expenses. I plan put it away, and have another good laugh in 2030.

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    May. 21, 2008
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    LOVE your C-2 record book as time capsule! I was in my early 20s in '92 and was eventing like crazy. The prices sure do bring me back, thanks for posting all this! My barn board was $225, too, and that was a big eventing training barn. That same barn today is where my own teen daughters ride, and the board is now $700. Triple in 20 years. Come to think of it, most of the costs you post are about triple now --- just paid $60 for a lesson with a national examiner, and those 'orthopedic' shoes ran me $150.

    As an aside, my daughter is currently moaning and groaning over keeping her own C-2 record book in preparation for taking her C-2 rating. I will show her your post so she can see how she's preparing her own 'time capsule.'

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    Mar. 14, 2010
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    oh my goshhh! Thats fascinating. I would kill for those prices these days!

    Im gonna start writing all of my expenses down. Maybe 140 for all around shoes will be cheap one day....lord help us!!

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    Jul. 30, 2005


    That is so cool.
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    Dec. 13, 2010
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    Don't cha wish...

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    I wasn't in Pony Club, so no log book.
    But in 1987 I know I paid:
    $100/month for full care board
    $40 for a full set of shoes
    $12 for a trim
    $15 per lesson

    In 1984 I paid $25/month for self-care stall.

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    Jun. 4, 2006


    I wish!

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    I remember in 1990 board at Idylwilde Farm in Davidsonville, MD, owned by Linda Zang was 325-350 a month for a stall with feed 3x daily, hay, bedding and the indoor. Now, in 2011, I pay $375 for a partially covered corral, no bedding (that is extra), hay twice a day, and grain once a day, no indoor and extra charges for blanketing, feeding supplements, turnout for about an hour on sand and feeding extra grain. Front shoes are $70 for me, not too bad. A lesson is $30 but she is a best kept secret.
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    You folks are all just babies. I used to full board my horse for $30 a month! And as I recall, the full board was quite satisfactory with daily turnout on nice grass pastures, stall at night, stall cleaning, grain and hay twice a day, tack room...and they held your horse for the farrier and vet. Wormed them too.
    That was in the mid 70s in Ohio. haha How my mom used to complain about paying that board bill! We could only earn about $1.50/hr for babysitting. I used to earn $25 for a week of pet sitting for a houseful of pets. Luckily Ohio isn't one of the more expensive places to keep horses, to this day. You can still get a nice place for $300/mo. So only a 10X increase in 40 years.

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    Sheesh - that's depressing!!!!

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