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    Default Mustad Hoof Protect Toe Protection?

    I'd like to try this Mustad product (my farrier also thinks it might be a good solution) before I put shoes on front and back, but it's only available through the European distributor - the U.S. Distributor doesn't stock it.

    Any tips on how to order farrier products from international retailer? Any other suggestions or ideas for a solution? I'd love to hear 'em!


    Here's the background info:

    My 6yo gelding has great feet - no cracking or chips and crunches over gravel without a hint of tenderness. I've never even considered shoes until our boarding barn upgraded to a sand/rubber mix arena footing and he's now showing excessive wear on his hind toes.

    He's not a toe dragger, he generally places his hinds right in his front tracks, but the footing is a pretty deep and abrasive so his hooves sink into the sand with every step. Nearly all of the horses in the barn now have the same toe wear, some are much worse my guy.

    I've tried Keratex hoof hardener and TuffStuff, which I think may have slowed the wear, but not alleviated it. I've also tried Keretex Hoof Sheild, which is basically like nail polish for hooves, it's completely worn off by the time I'm done riding. I've also bought Cavallo simple boots and I think they'd be fine as a backup if we encountered really rocky trail, they're awfully clunky for arena work.

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    As far as the boot, what about those new boot gloves, I think Easyboot has them? I understand the endurance riders are using them with good reports.
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