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    Default Thanks COTH: Update on the Kimberwicke/Pony/Cantering

    Last year I was debating what to bit Nanny up to, as she can be forward/strong when cantering in the fields. Happy to report that the General Consensus was correct; the kimberwicke gave her just enough whoa to make it fun for everyone. She canters around quietly and confidently - today when I mentioned that her pony got a little strong today, her eyes flashed, she smiled and said "I like that feeling!"

    So thanks, everyone
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    Jan. 28, 2003
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    see...i know a lot of folks hate a kimberwicke...but sometimes, they are "just right"
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    I agree, for the little kids it gives them some leverage when they don't have upper body strength that won't "hurt" the ponys mouth like a double twisted (what a LOT of hunters go to) will. We have a lovely, quiet gelding that goes in a kimberwicke, he WILL go in a snaffle, but for little kids he will try and root the reins, the kimberwicke does the job. For the shows she shows at in SS it never seems to affect placing, and honestly many judges will tell you they never really notice what is in the horses mouth untess REALLY unconventional. I have never really understood the "Stigma" attached to a kimberwick. GRanted, it's not a bit I like to ride in, but as stated, for the kids it is often quite effective but not harsh and gives them some "brakes"

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