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    Mar. 6, 2011

    Default Letting your nervous horse realize its tired

    This is true, true, true! How many times have I seen people cantering their horses round and round or lunging them to death to calm them down.
    Fantastic, sensible advice!
    Properly schooling a nervous horse

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    Mar. 21, 2011
    Austin, TX


    Nice article! That makes a lot of sense, thanks for sharing

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    Mar. 29, 2003


    This is a great article - thanks for posting it!
    I hate watching people longe thier horses at the canter for a half hour straight and saying that they "have to tire them out before they get on." This has always been hogwash to me.

    Great post, hartley!

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    Dec. 31, 2000
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    I do something similar with Jet. I will sometimes longe him before tacking up, then go groom/tack up to let him relax/adrenaline go down, then ride. Or I get on, trot enough to ckeck for lameness (making sure he didn't do anything stupid overnight), then canter each direction for a few minutes, then walk and relax. It really does work.
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    Wow, I'm hella smart and I didn't even know it!

    With my Nervous Nellie, I always hand walk him for about five or ten minutes after longeing before I get on, and spend the first five or ten minutes under saddle just walking. Walking definitely cools down his mind as well as his body.

    And here I thought I was a genius for figuring this out all by myself! LOL
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    Dec. 4, 2010


    Very interesting article!

    I'm usually not one to lunge to "tire out", but I often send my horse out on the line for a little on the way in from his field as he has some soundness questions and I like to check him out before I go through the process of tacking up. I never thought about this helping out his brain, but apparently so!

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