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    Default Cats vs. Dog: Different Perspectives on the New Purchase from Wal-Mart

    The difference between cats and dogs.

    I was buying food and litter tonight in Wal-Mart, and they had a bin of cat toys for 94 cents each. I saw feathers sticking out of the box, which caught my eye. HRH Rosalind loves feathers; actually, Rosalind is quite interested in birds, would love to jump through the window glass to chase one, and I'm sure would enjoy one if she had the chance. Which she doesn't. Anyway, thinking of HRH, I sprang for 94 cents and picked up the "loofa fish." It's a fish-shaped loofa with feathers (several inches worth of feathers) on the back end. Unrealistic but looked highly chaseable.

    So I got home and set down my bags from Wal-Mart on the table. Started unpacking and putting things away. The cats, of course, jumped up to help me unpack. I came to the loofa feather fish. Picked it up by the loofa, removed the tag, and then swished the feathers a few times dramatically in front of the cats, saying, "Here's a treat I picked up for you."

    Immediately, galloping heavy pad beats, and into the room came Hannah, all asniff. At this point, the cats were on the table rapt, but the others also watching Rosalind - if HRH wants a toy, Lord help the feline who tries to precede her. She was totally alert, just waiting for the toss that she knew I would eventually give. Hannah came up to investigate, and I said, "It's not edible." She apparently didn't believe me. Anything from a grocery store bag must be edible. I swished the feathers a time or two more, then tossed it across the room. HRH was just lining up her shot to kill it when it landed, but Hannah turned quickly and snapped it out of mid air. Full mouth bite. Chomp. Chomp? Chomp?????? You should have seen the expression change from anticipation to disgust.

    HRH, meanwhile, jumped down to the floor, reared up, and whalloped Hannah on the side of the head. Like any self-respecting dog outweighing the cat 10 times, Hannah turned tail and ran. Into the library, where she spit out her treasure, then trotted back toward the office, still shaking her head and working her mouth. HRH captured the feather loofa fish and started a round of tossum in the library.

    Poor, confused Hannah. I can only imagine what that thing tasted like.

    Treat to cat = something interesting, possibly tasty, but definitely interesting.
    Treat to dog = food. Period.

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    Go Ahead: This is a dare, not permission. Don't Do It!

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    I reject your reality, and substitute my own- Adam Savage

    R.I.P Ron Smith, you'll be greatly missed

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