After some discussion with my vet, we are considering Adequan for my arthritic 15 y/o mare (old injuries). She's gotten increasingly more uncomfortable this past year, mostly only visable during routine trims and I want to ensure her comfort. She deserves it!

I don't want to have to rely on bute and would rather target "everything" with Adequan. Xrays were done on Saturday to find the definitive problem areas, results should come in early this week.

We briefly discussed the effect of the use of Adequan on broodmares, and from my understanding, there is very little research done on it's effects on pregnant and/or lactating mares. My girl is currently 323, and is hopefully to be bred again on her 30 day foal heat. Treatment wouldn't start until after she foals, but I wanted to hear from more experienced breeders if they've ever had issues doing this? I want to do right by her without compromising her nursing foal and new pregnancy (provided all goes as planned anyways!).

Any insight or experiences would be greatly appreciated. TIA!