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    Oct. 21, 2003
    living the dream in Chester County

    Default yellow jackets in Rambo WWYD

    I put my blankets on the porch for the blanket lady. When I came home last night from my business trip 2 of the 4 were still there, one being flat out as though flung across the porch.

    Today I tried to tidy them. Suddenly understood the reason for the remaining two on the porch. The yellow jackets (very aggressive, stinging striped things) are trying to build a nest in there.

    Right now the sun is shining on the pile so they are active. I am thinking of waiting till midnight (dark and cool here, should be in 50's overnight) and stretching blankets out on lawn or driveway so there are no folds to be enjoyed.

    Maybe put them in the shade under a tree that will not be appealing to them? Blanket lady does not want insecticide in the wash if we can help it.

    I found a description of a yellow jacket trap (water/meat/suger in a jar with holes in lid) that can be made at home and that might also work - however my goal is really to move them away from the blankets more than killing them all.

    Ideas appreciated.
    Forward...go forward

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    Mar. 8, 2004
    Baltimore, MD

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    SecondOption Guest


    All i have to say is good luck - had that happen to me last year, but i didn't realize untill i had a nest of angry yellow jackets coming after me - ouch!

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    Oct. 22, 2009


    Whatever you do, wear a ski mask, thick long pants, thick long sleeve, shoes, a hat, and thick gloves. Duck tape the pant and shirt cuffs. Getting a yellow jacket stuck inside your clothing is NOT FUN!

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    Dec. 13, 2010
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    Clothing suggestions from Big Grey Hunter are excellent. We haven't had them in our blankets but do have occassional problems in the bushes around our barn.

    My DH goes out at night - cold slows them down - and spray the Hell out of it with RAID - Hornet & Wasp, NOT bee.

    Sometimes we do that twice (2 nights in a row). They should be dead.

    Good luck!

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    Oct. 21, 2003
    living the dream in Chester County

    Default thx for the friendly replies

    My thought is that they liked the Rambo in it's loosely folded state under the porch roof. So tonight, after dark and temps cooling down, I took 2 garden rakes and pulled it off the porch into the garden, and to some degree flattened it out. (I was fully covered from feet to wrists to hands and borrowed a fly mask for my head.... would be funny if I wasn't so concerned).

    We have a thunderstorm right now and my hope is if it's no longer protected under the porch roof the Rambo will be determined to be unsuitable for Yellow Jacket abode.

    There are pieces of their hive all over the porch - they look like beige pellets but they're bits of the Yellow Jacket house that came apart when blanket lady and (later) I pulled on the blanket to pick it up...I think they kept visiting the 'house' this afternoon 'cause those pieces were there. So I'm going to try to sweep them off the porch in the am before the sun gets to that side of the house.

    I have *found* the Yellow Jackets in previous years when gardening. Meaning, I was weeding and bothered their hive. Had to take the afternoon *OFF* to lie down after their stings... I got an unpleasant 'buzz' from them ... so I really don't want to bother them, just want them to get off the Rambo and go elsewhere. Usually when I find their hive in the garden (it's been in various places on the bank by the road) I just avoid it for the season. Once when I tried to destroy it they just moved and it was worse 'cause I didn't know where they were...

    For whatever reason the snow we had this year seems to have helped the bugs 'cause I've got a lot of them.
    Forward...go forward

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    Jul. 11, 2004


    Nighttime hornet killer spray....get several cans and make sure they work (test spray). Use the foam kind and spray the bejeezus out of the it the next night too.

    I hate the things and will kill every hornet/wasp I can.

    Good luck.
    "Sic Gorgiamus Allos Subjectatos Nunc"

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