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    Default Microchip Reminder

    Just want to take a moment to remind everyone to get your animals microchipped. Watching the footage and seeing all of the facebook pleas for all of the lost/found animals is really just heartbreaking....and similarly to Katrina, many of them are not going to be reunited with their owners simply because their owners cannot be found.

    Get them, all of them, microchipped. Cats, dogs, horses, etc. Tags get lost, collars fall off, etc. A microchip is an almost sure-fire way that you're going to get your pet back, making an already heartbreaking crisis a little less so.

    My local animal shelter has microchipping clinics: 24PetWatch microchips and life long registration for $10 a pop. (, for those of you in the Southern NH/MA/northern CT areas) So worth it. Check out your local shelters and see if they offer something similar, or work with them to get a program started.

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    C.A.R.E. in Columbus, Indiana regularly has a spay/neuter day, rabies shot clinic and microchipping day combined with an adoption event at the local Petco. We got our dog chipped so cheaply that we gave them a big donation on top of the cost. We liked the peace of mind from the chip and knowing that we were benefiting the shelter as well.

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    I got my dog microchipped at a local humane society for $30. Not as cheaply as you guys are talking, but I know he'll be found if needed, and it was more cheaply than the vet's office back home.

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    My pup is 3 months old. I'm waiting until she gets spayed and is knocked out to put the chip in. The vet said the needle is HUGE!!

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