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    Aug. 12, 2010

    Default What is wrong with my horse?!

    I'm at my wits end.

    Some history:

    Got horse in August last year. She was in fantastic shape then. She came off the track in January and then lived at a barn with a typical turnout schedule (night turnout for the summer, etc). I kept her at barn A, where she thrived. It's essentially 24 hour turn out. This winter, I moved her to barn B, where she only got about 4 hours of turnout/day. She lost a ton of weight, and was generally unhappy. Really difficult to ride... my best guess was ulcers, which I treated her for. I gave her a lot of time off, hoping that would help fix the problems. No such luck.

    About a month ago, I moved her back to barn A, hoping that would help her... she's still unhappy. Shes on a really lush green pasture, and yet, shes chewing on the fence (she picked that up over the winter at barn B, I guess). She's constantly pacing and stressing. She's still skinny, even on Ultium, oil, and rice bran. I also put her on Quiessence and then added Easy Mare. She's also on E & Selenium.

    I did a Panacur Powerpack.

    I started her on Quitt a little over a week ago - no luck with the fence chewing.

    I can't afford to keep her on Ulcergard, and it really didn't seem to change anything.

    Help. Please. Any ideas???

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    Aug. 10, 2010
    Western NY

    Default this might sound silly but...

    Is she bored? Does she have a job?

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    Aug. 12, 2010


    She's worked in the ring (flat and jumping) for a solid 30-45 minutes about 3-4 times a week... and then trail ridden/hunter paced/xc schooled on the weekends. She certainly gets plenty of exercise... and shes turned out on a 3-4 acre pasture, with another mare. The farm has a fabulous rotational grazing system, so she always has a TON of grass.

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    Jun. 17, 2001
    down the road from bar.ka


    Some racers need longer then others to adjust and some horses of any kind are happier when they have a job and are working hard. Are you riding her? How often and for how long??? And are you just walking and trotting? Horses need to canter/gallop to get enough excercise, not putz around. And they tend not to push themselves that hard when turned out.

    Wouldn't hurt to have the vet out and pull some blood either. She is acting different then she was and it started at barn B. Maybe she picked something up? Bloodwork is not expensive and cheaper then throwing money at what might not be wrong while missing what is.Probably less money then a months worth of all those supplements and meds that are not helping.
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    Aug. 12, 2010


    Hi Findeight - I think we were typing at the same time. Please see my previous message.

    Blood work would probably be a good idea...

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    Jun. 6, 2000
    Amherst, MA


    Blood work would be a good idea.

    Not clear where you are located in your post, but it might be worthwhile to check for lyme disease. Lyme disease can cause horses to drop weight, act anxious, etc. It's a relatively inexpensive test.

    Good luck.
    "The formula 'Two and two make five' is not without its attractions." --Dostoevsky

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    Apr. 25, 2011
    Houston, TX


    Does she have friends? My mare who is also an OTTB. We started turning her out on her own and she dropped weight and was the only horse at the entire farm to get Neurological Rhino and she hadn't left the farm in months. I think she got really depressed, she didn't get wild but you could tell she was unhappy. She is now healthy, fat and has a pasture buddy

    I do think you should check with your vet as well. Another thing that really has helped my mare is massage. I found the right person in my area who is calm enough and slow enough to work with my monster. She spent the entire first massage taking her time to make my mare comfortable and make it an enjoyable experience. It has made a world of difference.

    Good Luck

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