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    Default Barn cat lonely?

    Three years ago I received two kittens to become my barn cats. I named them Jack and Jill. Jill was semi-feral and never came around. She spent most of the summer in the woods behind our house and would re-appear in the fall. Jack never leaves the barn area. This fall Jill did not return. I heard a coyote pack in the woods for several weeks and I think this was the reason she is missing.

    I was going to go to the shelter and get another feral cat but the day I was going to go, a stray cat was hit by a car in front of my house. I decided that one cat was fine. However, Jack seems lonely. He spends most of the day with my donkey and is always at the horse barn and not the hay barn. He meows and is really seeking attention.

    I am not sure if I should try another cat or just let him be. I do not want the new cat to get in the road or fight with him. Any advice?

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    Check with your local shelter.

    Where I am, they not only allow (& encourage) cats to be adopted as barn cats, but notch their ears so if they are found loose again they are recognized as neutered.

    If the employees/volunteers there are knowledgable they can tell you what might work best if you want to add a barncat.

    But also do not assume Jack is lonely.
    He has the donkey & horses for company.

    I got 2 kittens about 6 years ago (wandered onto the property one night, @ about 8wks old).
    Female was very reserved, boykitten was a Lover from Day One.

    Sadly he got hit by a car @ 6mos and I worried she would be lonely.
    Instead she warmed up to me & is now a lapcat whenever I am at the barn.

    She is Queen of the Barn and has done just fine by herself with the little attention I can give her.
    I spend maybe 15min with her every morning and the same in the evenings when I feed & then again when I do the final night check.

    IMO Jack is doing fine with what he has. Cats will relocate themselves if they are not happy.
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