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    That's just what I was about to say. I told the owner of Equestrian Collections years ago to target the Dog Show Industry. It's VERY distracting for these women to be running flat out with their boobs flopping around! Show the dog some respect. We riders have learned to harness them in!

    Quote Originally Posted by Brookes View Post
    OMG, that description of the dog show people is so right on!!! Absolutely perfectly true in every single sentence!!!! I'm an EOH, so I at least can get a pass on that!

    As for the person who wanted to find the stick em for their dogs feet, I buy mine at the shows. Just go to one of the big suppliers that carry everything and they will have it. But trust me cola works just fine in a pinch. You just have to wash it off after or your dog will sit and lick it's feet for a half an hour! ha!

    I know no one has said it so I will, sports bras ladies, two of them if you have to! When you have to run with a big dog the girls can really start to go! There was a handler at Westminster 2 years ago that we thought was going to knock herself out!! Everyone was standing there with their mouths hanging open, I almost missed the dogs I couldn't stop staring at her!! Wrap those babies up for god's sake!! I've never seen boobs quite so large going in complete circles, opposite of each other!!!

    The last thing you want to do as a handler is to take away the focus from your dog!!!! Like stepping in a hole in the grass and falling flat on your face, . . . oh wait that was me!!!! Nothing like being the first class of the day in a ring no one has been in yet. They had to flag the hole after I found it. . .the hard way. But my girl still won!!! Not sure how after that performance! Handler Down!!!!

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    I often see a competitor wearing what appears to be a tennis skirt.
    there are some people sporting brazilian-style soccer looks here, with socks up to their knees and cleats. Sadly they tend to do better than I do in my sweat pants...

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    Yep, she runs shelties while wearing some type of skort or tennis skirt.

    Mostly indoor trial here, so no cleats. I'm wanting to try the new Merrell "barefoot" shoe though.

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    Nov. 2, 2006


    lots of people where skorts at USDAA shows in New England, they are quite classy looking and are made for sports, not really sure where the shock is can by then at TJ Maxx in the sporting wear section. I quite like the look myself.

    They are shorts with a skirt on the top- much nicer than shorts.

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