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    Feb. 5, 2011

    Default deep, flat, half deep cc saddles

    Could someone explain what the differences between these styles of jumping saddles are?

    I have also heard that dressage riders sometimes do better in a deep jumping saddle.
    What is the reasoning there?

    Why do some cantles have flat tops?

    thank you.

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    Feb. 23, 2008


    Deep seat saddles are for riders who like to feel a little more secure in the saddle or like to sit deep most of the time instead of two point, as its a harder to two point in a deep seated saddle, which explains why a dressage rider might prefer it.
    Flat saddles are for the rider whose butt is out of the saddle most of the time or don't like to feel quite as "deep" in their saddle, and half deep or med deep saddles are somewhere between the two.
    Most close contact saddles have square cantles. I'm not sure exactly why but that is the fashion in the h/j ring. Round cantles are more likely to be found on a/p saddles or dressage saddles.

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