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    Jan. 13, 2008

    Default Beginner's 'Training the Horse'/Horse Care Books ...?

    The young woman down the road from me just bought a very cute two year old. This is her first horse, BUT she did quite a bit of riding as she was growing up. Western. She seems to be very interested in taking things slowly and doing it one step at a time. She also is willing to pay for some instruction and maybe a trainer down the road.

    What books would you guys recommend she get for a good start on horse care and, most especially, beginning training with ground manners and ground handling? Things that she can do on her own.

    Her husband cleared a one and one half acre pasture for this horse and has put wooden posts sunk in cement to hold electric wire. It really is a nice area for the horse.

    The horse was tied on a long rope in someone's front yard . Brook (the young woman) said she has wanted a horse for years and she just couldn't pass this deal up. I have seen the horse and he is really cute with a beautiful head, as well as nice conformation for a good all around trail type. Looks like and Appendix QH/Paint cross ... very throughbred-dy looking.

    She has already said she does not plan to ride him for at least a year, but would like to start training on the ground.

    Any book ideas that are simple, easy and to the point training and horse care would be VERY helpful. Need something *down-to-earth* here.

    Thanks in advance .

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    Aug. 11, 2008


    I like Anthony Crossley's "Training the Young Horse". It gives a great progressive program for the first 5 years.

    My advice is to buy several different books for young horses and beginner owners. She needs to look for the similarities on the 'basics' and build from there.

    Advise her to stay away from Parelli! Although there are some 'concepts' that they can do right, most of their stuff is dangerous in the hands of a novice owner.
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    John Lyons has a series of articles, a book and DVD combo called "Bringing Up Baby"....a series of things to do with foals/yearlings, even two year olds, that are designed to teach both horse and owner things like giving to pressure, control of various body parts, encouraging respect and manners and all leading to things the horse will need to know in order to go on to being under saddle. Clinton Anderson has "Down Under Horsemanship" which has some exercises, mostly designed for horses with some issues but excellent exercises for non-issue horses as well....very good as he has the exercise, what the equipment needed is, what the goal is, common mistakes by both horse and handler and how to correct them and how this all applies to later work. Neither of these require a lot of equipment or fancy stuff to buy, can be done by anyone with a modicum of sense and timing and do help produce foals that are calm, relaxed, ready to go on. probably has both. I know does. Might also want to suggest "horsekeeping on small acreage" and "how to be your own vet....some of the time" learn what is an emergency and what is not and how to tell the difference.
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    Oct. 30, 2009


    If she's never done any real horse handling at all she's better off with something like Cherry Hill's "Horsekeeping". Very basic, putting on a blanket, taking a temp , I think there's even sheath cleaning instructions. etc.. Also, on StateLine tack's website there is very basic videos-especially by Chris Irwin that go pretty much step-by-step.

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    Sep. 26, 2008


    Cherry Hills books are good and very easy, I think she use to be a 4-H leader and her explaning is great

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    Jun. 12, 2007


    Pony Club D manual. It covers all the care and safety aspects.

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    Oct. 18, 2008


    FWIW, I got the Pony Club D Manual because I'm in a similar situation. Much of the physical horse care points in it involve 'have an adult help the child with this' without giving the detail I need. I'd borrow/ check out several manuals up the levels and see which one . Isn't there a PC manual specifically for horse care? That is the PC one I want to get.

    I'm interested in other people's suggestions also!
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    Jan. 13, 2008


    The suggestions are great. Will definately give Brook these suggestions.

    I really don't want her to fall for any Parelli stuff . I do think his practices are downright dangerous, and this girl definatley plans to eventually ride her horse.

    She is so cute, and appreciative.

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