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    Default Fetlock Boots???

    There is a boarder's horse at my barn that has an absentee owner. But I've stepped up to the plate and take care of her physically while the owner just sends money when i ask for things. Anyway, this mare has an in/out stall attached to her paddock for 24/7 turnout. She seems to always sleep outside on the ground rather than her thick comfy stall. As a result, she has these horrible fetlock sores that bleed daily. Locking her inside isn't an option being that her legs stock up horribly. I've been vet wrapping her fetlocks daily, but it's getting expensive. Is there any sort of boot for her to wear at night so we can get these sores to heal???

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    I'm sure other places carry them, I just knew I had seen them in their catalog.

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    I have the Professional's Choice ones- but yes, bed sore boots are the way to go. I have to wash mine every week or two - so I find two pairs easier than one.

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    My mare wears these

    You may need to wrap until the sores are healed. But get on top of this. Once the tissue is severely damaged, they'll remain susceptible to any sort of damage or abrasion. (Ask me how I know this.)

    good luck.

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