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    Feb. 21, 2007

    Default Help me with an aggressive chewer, please :)

    My husband and I just got a new dog following the loss of our two large farm dogs. We absolutely love our new pooch! However, he is a much more aggressive chewer than any other dog I've ever had (I've had dogs my whole life, but I suppose I've been lucky about the chewing part).

    He is an 18-month-old chocolate lab. He is very friendly and highly trainable, but he is VERY busy. He constantly needs something to do. He has destroyed $75 worth of toys in just a few days. Fortunately, he doesn't show any interest in chewing things that aren't his toys, but I'm afraid that could change quickly if he doesn't have enough dog playtoys to keep him occupied. Therefore, I'd like some suggestions about what to give him to keep him occupied but that would not harm him.

    Ropes - He likes them, but they don't last long. He can have a large one cut in half in about 10 minutes, and then he just starts shredding them.

    Large Kong tennis balls -
    He loves to chase them and carry them around, but he can't be left with them. Once he realizes we're finished fetching, he settles down to rip the ball apart. It takes him about 5 minutes to have it in pieces no larger than 1 sqare inch.

    Squeaky stuffed duck -
    Well, you can imagine.

    Large Kong hard rubber toy (hollow inside for treats) -
    Loves this when it has treats in it, and does play with it some without treats. He has made little "rips" in it, but due to its texture/resiliency, it goes back together, and hasn't yet suffered terminal damaged.

    Large Kong squeaky with tough nylon fabric -
    Gone in 10 minutes.

    Nylabones -
    Ignores it. He has chewed on it for a moment or two, but once he realized it won't come apart at all, he didn't want anything else to do with it.

    It seems that a toy has to have some "give" to it, or feel like he might have a chance to shred it, in order for him to have some interest in it.

    Can you suggest any toys (links would be great, too!) that might interest him yet endure--at least for a while--his enthusiasm? Thanks, everyone!
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    Apr. 21, 2010


    I just got an unbreakoball for my strong chewer. She hasn't been able to get through it, and they have a money back if they do.

    I would do a search for toys for Pit Bulls. That's how I found this, as many Pits are really aggressive chewers.

    Good luck!

    I just got the Kong ball for my dog and I can't imagine that she could get through it so you must have a really strong chewer!

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    I have a big rubber "dog bone" made out of the same material as a kong. My dog isn't interested in it at all (she's not a big chewer) but my last dog? He LOVED bones like that, it was his favorite toy.

    It looked like this
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    Nov. 1, 2007
    Tampa Fl.


    my puppy has chewed though his nylabones.

    I am thinking of getting him a spare tire.
    I am looking forward to hearing what other dog owners suggest

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    Jan. 4, 2007


    Labs are the poster dog for chewers, along with pit bull type dogs, of course, but those are in a different category of their own.

    My neighbor got a lab puppy and had to learn to leave his mud boots and galoshes up on something, or they were toast in five minutes.
    Not good, because many labs think anything they can chew can be swallowed, even rocks, chewed or not.

    The black kong toys are supposed to be chew proof, but, well, they too can be destroyed.

    A friend got a mower tire for his rottie and the dog played with it alone.
    It kept him from chewing everything else in sight.
    Maybe you can try that, a LARGE mower tire.

    They sell those big butcher bones for dogs, have you tried them?
    Many that keep hunting dogs in kennels use those, but if a dog is really aggressive with them, they can damage their teeth, crack or wear them down.

    Always keep your dog confined when you are not there to supervise, to be sure he doesn't has a chance to chew something you really need in one piece.

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    Sep. 23, 2009


    Oh, I'd love to hear the ideas here.

    I have a 40# cattle dog mix that is the most aggressive chewer I've ever owned, and that includes my boxers and my pit bull. I can't give her rope toys because she chews them in half in minutes, then shreds them and eats the pieces. Stuffed toys get literally eaten. She chews nylabones, but will kill one of the giant ones in a week, maybe a week and a half if I can keep her exercised enough. If there isn't anything handy around to chew, she eats holes in her blankets, my pant legs, and the mattress on my bed. *sigh*

    She's in a crate whenever we can't watch her.

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    Nov. 7, 2006
    Lexington, VA


    We have a forty + pound Corgi who can only have hard rubber toys - we have found one in his 10+ years that he can't destroy - shaped like a little barbell-- would love to find another. His name is Gumby, and he actually once chewed and got a piece of a rubber toy stuck in his intestine which required a rather serious surgery to remove. Vets got a kick out of Gumby eating a gumby toy- us--not so much He ate a normal size nylabone in about 15 minutes - didn't try that again. He does have a hard rubber ring and a hard rubber ball, but he does not like to play with them. His hard rubber kong is ok with a treat in it, or peanut butter - without that he ignores it. Luckily, he does not chew anything else around the house and is very trustworthy.
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    Dec. 15, 2005


    We buy bags of large rawhide chews at Tractor Supply for our retriever. As long as she has rawhide to chew and lots of playtime, she is happy. If you aren't home in the daytime, you might have a dog walker come by and toss a ball for her every day. Our retriever pup is a lovely dog, unless she doesn't get enough exercise. Then, she starts chewing things that shouldn't be chewed, and has trouble sleeping at night.

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    Dec. 14, 2006

    Default Freezing a kong?

    I don't personally have this problem but the ex did and my mom does.

    Basically, if it squeaks they can pop/shred it and they will . Can you freeze broth/cheese/yogurt inside a kong? My mom's lab loves ice cubes and it was a lifesaver when he was younger.

    A solid rubber ball like a lacrosse ball is probably a safe, albeit boring, option. To make it less boring, make it a special toy: tease him with it for a few days -you play with it but he can't- then give it to him but only for brief intervals. Constant access makes it boring since we all want what we can't have .

    Petsmarts/Petcos are now selling the tough stuffed animals that are super stiff and firm but I think a skineez with no stuffing would be safer as those stuffed animals have stitching that looks to me to be an easy tooth-hold for a lab with lots of time on his paws.

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    Apr. 13, 2003


    I have had really good luck with galileo bones for my aggressive chewer - he went through the black kongs like they were paper - I keep 3 to 4 of them around in various rooms all the time.

    bones from the butch helped.

    All other toys are picked up when play is finished - now at 5 he slowly is being allowed a few toys to stay out - if he is aggressive with them - they get pickup and tried a couple of weeks later.

    here are a couple of other options - I have not used these.

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    Dec. 6, 2000
    SE Mass


    We have a standard poodle rescue pup that has destroyed everything. Fortunately, he just rips them apart and leaves the remnants all over the rug. The West Paw Design toys are great. I cannot figure it out, but the Bumi remains in good shape.

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