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    Default Distances for placing rails

    I've been hearing/seeing some different things lately! Wondering what distance you all use for placing rails.
    -When trotting into a fence and landing cantering
    -Cantering into a fence w/placement pole before and after jump.
    -Poles in the middle of a line: Ex: Jump- 1 stride- Jump, with a rail placed between the 2 jumps.
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    I would recommend "101 Jumping Excercises" by Linda Allen to learn about placing rail distances as they vary greatly depending on your horse/pony.
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    Jan. 2, 2007


    The general rule is.
    for troting or cantering a single jump is 9 feet take off and landing side.
    jump-one stride jump is 18-24 feet.

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    Oct. 29, 2001


    I think the OP was not inquiring so much about the distance of a standard one stride (18'-24' depending) but rather, if one were to set a rail in that one stride, where would they place it.
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    In the one stride I would place it in the middle, so if it's a trot in 18ft one stride it's at 9ft, if it's a canter in 24 ft one stride it's at 12 ft.

    Trot placement poles are generally set at 9 feet, but can be rolled in as close as 6. Canter placement poles will be set at half the length of the stride you will come in at... generally 12 ft, but can be set as close as 9 feet.

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