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    Mar. 10, 2009

    Default WHY does my dog eat so dang much grass????

    It drives me nuts sometimes, because we can't go five feet when walking without Simon lunging for a mouthful of grass. We went out last night for the final pre-bedtime pee (he always has at least two vigorous pees before bed) and he was so obsessed with eating grass it took us twenty minutes!

    And then he gaks and chokes and half the time pukes it back up in the house.

    Other dog, Lance, does nibble some blades, but nothing like Simon.

    There is nothing missing in his diet. They're fed Kirkland brand dry, which is excellent food, twice daily. No table food, except for the odd bite here and there of bland stuff like chicken breast (if we're eating that).

    And yes, we've had to go on Heartgard Plus after a couple of cases of whipworms.

    Any insights? Anyone else here with a dog who appears to be part ruminant?

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    Oct. 27, 2009


    My dog used to eat a ton of grass as well. I did some research online and asked some dog people I know and they said if they're eating a ton of grass is probably off. Some sources said it can indicate an upset stomach (which makes a lot of sense for my dog) or that the dog needs more fiber. I switched foods with my dog and it helped a lot. Fwiw, I tried several different foods and eventually setting on Taste of the Wild which seems to have significantly helped my dog, he also gets half a can of green beans with each meal. I rarely see him eating grass anymore!
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    Aug. 11, 2008


    I think mine is a vegetarian at heart. He loves fruits, nuts, and vegetables. And grass, which he promptly pukes up as soon as he comes in the house.

    We have to really keep an eye on him because he'll kill himself on grapes and raisins if they're left anywhere he can reach them.
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    Oct. 12, 2001
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    new growth grass, such as this time of year, is loaded with sugar. Dogs like sweet food, and eat anything that is available, so well gobble the grass. They can't digest it but they don't care.

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    Mar. 10, 2009


    Oh, and I forgot to mention the other charming side effect: Dangling Poo Syndrome.

    DPS occurs as a result of the undigested, un-thrown-up grass making its way to the far end of the dog's digestive tract.

    Simon finds Dangling Poo Syndrome very distressing - he'll stand there with a turd hanging from his butt by a blade of grass, looking at me like, "Mom! Do something about this!" Sorry buddy, I love you but you put yourself in this position. You figure it out. Til then we are not going back in the house.

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    Jan. 28, 2003
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    My JRT is a spinning pooper due to an early case of DPS! LOL

    I agree that something is bothering his tummy...not sure what doggie tummy remedies are though..sorry
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    Oct. 2, 2007
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    I just started adding a whole grated carrot on top of our dog's dry kibble.Oh and he gets all the leftover cooked veggies, like spinach or green beans from our suppers. This cut down on the grazing, but spring grass is especially tasty!
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    Aug. 6, 2007


    Having just spent nearly $1,800 on emergency surgery for our dog who was eating grass - STOP THEM! It got entwined in his smal intestines and since it does not digest it cuts up the insides as it was trying to come out. He got a small ball of it lodged in and it didn't show up on xrays. He stopped eating, got backed up and landed himself on the operating table.

    I would not do this until you check with your vet, but what we have to do for our boy is 1/2 pepcid AC (generic) am & pm along with a good dried food (sorry - Kirkland has a TON of cereal in it and really isn't that good for them) and we cook up fresh green beans (get them bulk at the grocery store once a week, snap them into bite sized pieces, cook in boiling water just till soft - not canned soft and NOT canned grean beans). We mix about 1 cup of green beans with the cooked liquid in his food daily. It provides them the fiber they need and the pepcid helps with the upset gut.

    I would definately check with your vet first - but this is what we have been on for just over a month and our dog has nearly stopped all interest in grass (thank goodness).

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