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    Default Jazz babies

    Does any one have any info on Jazz babies temperments? How are they to start? I have heard so many things about them.
    Also what are they like after they have been started?

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    I have a yearling Jazz gelding that has a super temperament and three great gaits. You can see his inspection video on Youtube search San Jaco TWF. I think with his great mind he is going to be very uncomplicated to start under saddle.

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    the ones I know personally showed very well in hand (flashy with good gaits) but were on the hot and spooky side to start u/s. I can not tell you what the temperments of the dams were.

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    Excerpt from The Horse Magazine's "Breeding Values" Article:

    "Jazz not only has the highest breeding value of all the dressage stallions, but also the highest reliability, 97% – only Concorde in the jumping ranks has a higher reliability, 98% . However, and it is a big however, the mare owner would be unwise to race out and get his or her mare in foal to the famous chestnut. Even Nico Witte, the Dutch stallion keeper, who discovered Jazz, concedes that the progeny are not for every rider:

    “I think most Jazzes are not for the amateur, especially the mares, they are more spooky and more electric. For the professionals, or semi-professionals, Jazzes are really top – most of them, not all of them, but most of them.”"

    Persoanlly, I think the "Jazz Stamp" is impressive. You can pick one out of a wam-up ring and know who it is sired by before checking the show program. They are beautiful, typey animals who in general, are not for the average NA rider. I think it depends on why you are breeding/buying one...

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    I recently bought a rising 3yo Jazz x Flemmingh. A mare to boot. She was very straightforward to back and is as brave as a lion about walking past things that would make most mature horses shy. She's been turned away for the past 6 months and will be rebacked in 3-4 months time and start her proper training under saddle. The other offspring out of this mare have all been very laid back and sensible including one by Westpoint who is a Jazz son. That one is still entire, he's 4 years old and has not (yet) put a foot out of place. He will be going forward for grading this autumn.

    As with all things it depends on the mare that Jazz is put to. In general they have a reputation for being hot but not all of them are.

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    Default Jazz Babies

    Let me chime in here. I have 5 Jazz offspring that I have bred. Each is unique, even though three are full siblings! I didn't intend to have 5 Jazz babies! Jazz frozen semen is so good that when nothing else worked, I would take out the Jazz! Of the 3 Jazz/Freestyle's, the gelding is the quietest. His mother coliced and had surgery when he was a day old, We took him home and bottlefed him until we were able to get a nurse mare. His 2 sisters are not as quiet as he.
    You can see "Jonnie" Cotlrane doing the 4 yr olds this year.
    I agree that a Jazz is not the perfect fit for most riders. They seem to posess a hightened sense of self protection which can express itself in differing ways. This very sensitivity is what I believe, lends them to their prowess at the FEI levels. Once a bond is achieved, the mere thought of a movement by the rider is sensed by his Jazz. In the field, I find them brave, inquisitive, and friendly. The more time you spend with them as foals, the more relaxed they are later. This year, from our Jazz mares, we have had Rousseau and Uphill fillies. Our two 3 yr olds fillies from Zeoliet and Freestyle mares are off getting started, and hopefully on their way to being sold. I could go on and on, but I hope this helps for now.

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    Can the people who have used Jazz give some insight on the best mares for him? Bloodlines, conformation, movement, etc...

    I REALLY like Jazz, and do want to use him in the near future, but have heard that he does need a sensible mare.
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    Here's a list of Jazz's stallion sons and GP competitors.

    Blue Hors Don Olymbrio x Ferro (DWB)
    Boston x Flemmingh (Old, Westf, Bayern, SHBGB)
    Bristol x Goodtimes (KWPN)
    Cachet L x Ferro (KWPN)
    Chagall D&R x De Niro (KWPN, Old)
    Don Juan de Hus x Krack C (Z, Old, Westf)
    Jazz Time x Romadour II (Old, Hann, Westf, Rheinl, Bayern, Hess) GP Dressage
    Jazzman x Rossini (NRPS, Sachs)
    Jazzmate x De Niro (Westf, Rheinl)
    Jip x Sandro Hit (Meckl)
    Jive x Vincent (NRPS, AES)
    Johnson x Flemmingh (KWPN, Old, SWB, DWB)
    Just Royal Dancer x Fruhling (NRPS) GP Dressage
    Norway x Ulft (KWPN)
    Olivi x Aktion (KWPN, Old, SF)
    Ouverture x Legaat (AES)
    Ragtime x Ulft (AES)
    Riant x Julio Mariner xx (KWPN)
    Royal x Ferro (AES)
    Tango x Contango (KWPN) GP Dressage
    Tip Top x Contango (AES)
    Topaasch x Zeoliet (SWB)
    Uletto x Rouletto (AES)
    Uniek x Sultan (AES)
    Ursus x Jetset-D (AES)
    Vazal x Ubis (SF)
    Vic x Flemmingh (KWPN)
    Westpoint x Michelangelo (KWPN)
    Wynton x Matador II (KWPN, Old, Hann)

    [Niniek STV x Variant KWPN mare, GP Dressage]
    [Nutopia x Le Mexico KWPN gelding, GP Dressage]
    [O'Neill x Plesman KWPN gelding, GP Dressage]
    [OJay x Formateur KWPN gelding, GP Dressage]
    [Oleander x Ulft KWPN gelding, GP Dressage]
    [Oriento x Zeoliet KWPN gelding, GP Dressage]
    [Orion x Consul KWPN gelding, GP Dressage]
    [Ostara Van Lusthof KWPN mare, GP Dressage]
    [Parzival x Ulft KWPN gelding, GP Dressage]
    [Piaffe x Ulft KWPN gelding, GP Dressage]
    [Pompidou x Blanc Rivage xx KWPN gelding, GP Dressage]
    [Potifar x Pion KWPN gelding, GP Dressage]
    [Private Dancer x Formateur KWPN stallion, GP Dressage]
    [Pzazz x Amulet KWPN stallion, GP Dressage]
    [Razz x Fruhling KWPN gelding, GP Dressage]
    [Robin Hood x Zep KWPN gelding, GP Dressage]
    [Royal Jazz x Contango KWPN gelding, GP Dressage]
    [Seigneur x Farrington KWPN gelding, GP Dressage]
    [Sian J x Pershing KWPN gelding, GP Dressage]
    [Talinta x Ulft KWPN mare, GP Dressage]
    [Tango x Blanc Rivage xx KWPN gelding, GP Dressage]
    [Twister x Walldorf I KWPN gelding, GP Dressage]
    [U II x Rohdiamant KWPN gelding, GP Dressage]
    [Usual Suspect x Don Schufro KWPN gelding, GP Dressage]

    6 out of Ulft mares
    3 out of Flemmingh mares + 1 out of Krack C mare
    3 out of Ferro mares
    2 out of De Niro mares
    2 out of Formateur mares (full brothers)
    2 out of Blanc Rivage xx mares (full brothers)
    2 out of Zeoliet mares
    2 out of Contango mares

    I think you can conclude that Jazz crosses well on a wide variety of mares and has a lot of progeny competing at GP.

    I find it interesting that he has had most competition success with Ulft mares when these have a reputation for hotness. Parzival is a Jazz x Ulft and he was very difficult as a young horse. Its also interesting that his two Jazz x Ulft stallion sons are relatively unknown (Norway and Ragtime). Perhaps they should be used more than they are? (If they are still at stud at all?)
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