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    Default Blundstone boots -- quality down?

    I was considering buying my first pair of Blundstone paddock boots, hoping they might work for my wide feet! But I'm worried now, after reading reviews, that the quality has gone down...and badly! People wrote about crumbling soles and poor quality leather, a sharp contrast from their earlier reputation. Anyone know if these issues have been addressed? Corrected? Recent experiences? Worth buying?
    Thanks for any input!

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    I bought a pair last summer and have not noticed any quality issues. I don't wear them mucking, but they have held up quite well and in fact practically look new when I bother to knock the dirt off.

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    Feb. 26, 2011
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    I purchased a replacement pair for my 5 yo blunnys last year. Love them, they look great, but if you are worried, try Red Backs
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    I have one pair of 500s that's a couple years old, but was made in Vietnam, and another pair that I purchased several months ago (they have the TPU sole and steel toe, so a little different than the "standard" Blunnies). Both pairs seem to be doing fine, although the newer ones haven't been worn enough yet for me to evaluate them. I've read about the issues too, but so far (knock wood) mine seem to be doing fine.

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    Regading Redbacks. I bought a pair last year at Equine Affaire. Comfort is marginal but not good at a horse show all day on concrete. I bought them for the waterproof claim and they most definately not in the least waterproof.

    Want to get blunys but can't find them locally to try on the different styles for fit. I have Flintstone feet and must try before I buy.
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