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    Default How do I protect myself and my friend's property

    Here's the scenario, I have an air fern mare that needs to be worked and exercised more frequently . She is on my friend's property, private home, not a boarding place. I do ride her 2-4 times a week, depending on my work schedule, but I would like to have someone come and ride her to exercise couple more times a week. I am just asking about a "what if" happens, example.. that the rider get hurt or injured. My mare is not dangerous or anything, but you know in the horse world, "Oh, I never thought that would happen." Happens.. so do I get a separate liability policy, do I hire someone with insurance policy already... or should I just bagged the whole idea... this is all new to me since my vet mention she a little porky.. She is also in a grazing muzzle already. I wish I could had the time to work her more than I do.. so I am looking for anyone that has dealt or has any info with the kind of situation.... I appreciate any help... thanks.

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    First, have any rider sign a liability release that includes you and your friend as the parties being released from liability. Second, both you and your friend should check your homeowner's policy to see if your personal liability coverage would extend to the horse activities. Third, you can always buy a stand alone equine liability policy that would cover you for injuries and damages your horse causes to 3rd parties and property. Such a policy costs about $150 a year.
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    A liability policy is good. Also, insist on basic safety rules like a certified helmet at all times when mounted or where the horse is ridden: In a ring and not galloping through the woods. Make sure these things are listed in your release. Be assured your rider has some skill and is not an at risk rider.
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