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    Default Temporary Fence Questions/Recommendations

    Two years ago I had a field cleared and seeded. I have limed, fertilized, bushhogged, etc. and now have a great lush pasture. When we cleared, no trees were left in the field but there are woods on two sides. Now I am ready to put up my fence but because of several straight line wind storms I have damaged trees (tops snapped out) that need to come down.

    My problem is if I put up the fence where it needs to go then the wood cutters will be working too close for my comfort - hate to have a new fence damaged. That plus I will need to fix the portion of the field they drive through and get rid of the stumps.

    So I need to come up with a temporary fence to allow me to use most of this field at the same time they are working and I am cleaning up after them. I can keep the horses in another field while they are doing the actual cutting down but have a new horse coming in June and need to get my horses adjusted to this new field before then so I will have room.

    I don't have any other perimeter fence in this new section - need to do more clean up before that can go up - so this temp fence needs to be reliable. Have never used electric fence before but seems to be the direction I need to go.

    I have seen people talk about Electobraid and Horseguard so I am checking into those. I can plant the permanent corner (6x6)posts but would like to minimize the number of extra post in between that I will need. I have an outlet in the well house - is there any reason I can't use that for the charger so I don't need to go solar or run a long line from the barn? Also, both manufacturer's mention attaching the fence to mature trees which would work great for me but have any of you done that??

    I have lovely woven wire and a top board for this field someday but need to get these trees out of there first - any recommendations, warnings or general info to help me would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default what about...

    metal T-posts with the plastic clip on insulators and top covers to carry some HorseGuard between the permanent corner posts? How long of a distance is it?
    I don't know why there would be anything against plugging the charger in the well house. I had my charger at one end of the barn (not near pasture) but ran the insulated covered type of wire through the barn rafters to carry out the charge to the other end of the barn where my pasture fence started.

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    We have Eb and we have parts of it strung from trees. The manufacturer $ell$ nylon strapping material and roller insulators so that you don't wind up injuring your trees or embedding wire etc in their bark.

    DH of course just screwed the things right into the trees. Eastern red cedars are like weeds around here.

    You may have to get a little inventive as trees don't always grow in a perfect straight line, he has rope passing to the inside and then the outside of some trees and sometimes the same tree, and decided to double up the insulators on one to make the rope pass around the tree - to explain that - this was a big fat tree and there was no way to put one insulator on and have a straight shot to the next tree, the rope was going to touch the tree trunk, so he bridged around the tree with two insulators about 45 degrees apart on the diameter of the trunk.

    I can't say that electric fence is "easier". Once you have it set up it can be more flexible or moveable but getting the charger and the grounds hooked up and getting familiar with how to energize around gates and underground your hot lead, or in the case of DH run them above ground through my flowerbed can be a bit frustrating. If you know of someone hands on advice is a very nice thing.
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    thanks - the field is a few acres total but will only be able to use 2 to start with. It would be nice to be able to use the woven wire we already have on the two open sides and then electric along the woods till the work and repairs are done but not sure how I would complete the circuit to keep it hot. Don't mind having one strand of electric on the permanent fence but 3 strands seems like overkill and overexpensive!

    Just have to decide between Electrobraid and Horseguard unless anyone else has a third suggestion. Is one easier to put up than the other? Def can use some trees for posts along the woods and there is also another existing fenceline I could run it along.

    Deciding isn't going to be as hard as installing if it doesn't stop raining though.......

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