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    Default Fitting a western horse to a CC saddle. Help!

    Oh another saddle fit thread... if this has been addressed please add links.

    I have a western pleasure/ranch bred QH that has finally matured at age 6. I have had a Pessoa A/O (older style) for the past 2 years that has fit him alright, and I love. But its now causing him a lot of back soreness, leading to bucking fits and other such tantrums. After 2 weeks of diagnosis and time off I got on him bareback and he as back to his old happy self.

    So now I can only ride him bareback.. not so bad since he is comfy and a saint, and my muscles could use the work, but I obviously cannot show hunters that way! Its time to search for a new saddle.

    He is short in the back, wide in the shoulders, with an average wither clearance. His back is also flatter, so I am thinking a flatter/wider panel would do better. And I also need something comfortable for me, I am willing to adjust to him but I need a narrow twist/flatter seat, and forwardish flaps... those that I like Pessoas, Barnsby, and the old school Crosby. I need to stay in a used Pessoa budget as I have to sell mine to buy the next

    ETA the only local saddle fitter, under an hour has a very limited section and very few that only fit me, so I will have to likely purchase online.
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    I had the exact same problem with my APHA gelding. My WB's WalSall Saddlery Selle Francaise CC saddle fit him until he turned 5 and then he got so round that it pinched him. He sounds just like your QH, flat backed (water pools on it!), lowish withers, and short backed. I bought a Moritz Accord CC saddle and it fits him wonderfully and it also puts my leg in the perfect position. The only thing I don't like about it is the leather is more "plasticy," kind of like a M. Toulouse saddle. Other than that, it's very nice and comfortable for both of us!

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    We used a Collegiate saddle on a similar horse & that seemed to fit well. I also used a Crosby Sovereign, back a number of years ago.
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    There's a saddle fitter at The Farm House that used to come down regularly for horse boarded in Pendleton; I'm sure she would come down for you. I can't remember the specifics, but you could PM Cleozowner and she might be able to help (though she's at vet school and probably extremely busy lately). I'm sure if you just give them a call, they would be able to help. Plus they have a MUCH larger selection than the tack shop I think you're referring to (and a HUGE used selection!)
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    A friend of mine was looking to try some english riding with her old ranch bred gelding. Extremely wide shoulders (goes in full quarter bars in a western saddle) flat back, not too much wither. We probably tried more than a dozen saddles before we found an old (as in 2 tone leather) Stubben. Fits him like glove.
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    The odd time I ride my WP horse english, she goes in a med tree prestige hunter classic. She loves it and I love it! And I got a great deal on it on Ebay! She goes in a FQHB western saddle. I had a heck of a time fitting her for a western saddle (went with a Dale Chavez) but the Prestige was no problem. Good luck!

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    I have an old Collegiate that has fit several QH's well. It's a regular (medium) tree Eqilibrium Apprentice. It's very flat (in both panels and seat), narrow twist, rides much like an old-school Crosby. Fits almost everything reasonably well. I love it!

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    I have a PJ for my paint mare that fits her really well, and I know a few people with M. Toulouse saddles, Pessoa, Crosby, and Antares. Keep an eye out for used, you can find a great deal that way.

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