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    Default English or Western saddle for the senior horse

    I'm curious if it matters to for the senior horse if you ride them with an english or western saddle?

    English is much lighter, but a western distributes the weight over a larger area of their back.

    I realize the fit of any saddle is most important, as well as consistent, appropriate exercise suited for the horse, and a good balanced rider.

    I swtich between both depending if I'm riding in the arena or going out on a long trail ride. I was thinking of my senior's comfort and wondered if she even cares.

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    Apr. 12, 2010


    How about the best of both worlds?

    Plantation saddles tend to be lightweight (heavier than an english saddle but much lighter than a heavy western saddle).

    They have much better weight distribution than an english saddle.

    If you find one with a suspended seat-oh my it's like riding in a hammock!

    Here's some examples:

    You can usually find them pretty cheap by lurking on craigslist or digging through local tack sales.

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    I would vote English type saddles for most horses, young or old.

    An english saddle can be custom made to a template of the horse and flocked to accomodate changes in muscle, age, condition, etc.

    Western saddles can be custom made, but they offer no flocking abilities and can only have minimal adjustments made.

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    As long as the saddle fits well it probably doesn't make too much difference. Since a western saddle distributes weight over a larger area, it might be better for a longer trail ride, but again, as long as the saddles fit, probably doesn't make a difference.

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