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    gingersnap72 Guest

    Default Kicked

    Just wondering if there's anything that could possibly be done other than antibiotocs to make the horse more comfortable. Vet is coming out for an exam but is there anything they can really do with an injury like this other than administer medication? I wasn't sure if I should try cold hosing.
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    Aug. 10, 2010
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    Default not sure but....

    Just a warning, I did know of a horse that was kicked that way and was given ace. He was not able to retract his penis for a LONG time and it got edema just by hanging out. Long term solution was amputating it. So beware of acepromazine...
    I don't have direct experience with this but cold hosing is usually good for swelling. I don't think antibiotics will make him more comfortable...bute or banamine maybe...
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    gingersnap72 Guest


    Anyone else have advice? Vet is coming out soon.

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    Cold hosing will not hurt. If your vet is coming soon, he can administer IV anti-inflammatory meds to start things off fast. So I wouldn't think anything except cold hosing would be advisable.

    Can't imagine why anyone would administer Acepromazine under such circumstances!!!!!
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