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    Default Whew! Stinky cat breath!

    I have recently begun feeding my elderly kittehs canned food. But when Lark comes up for a cuddle and breathes on me-EGAD! Most horrible stinky breath ever. I tickle his nose to make him drop nose/mouth to my neck so he is n't breathing on me. Anyone know what to do about this? Muff doesn't get into my face like the ol' man does.
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    EEEWWW! Sympathy to you! Promise me you wont do what I did to family kitty back when I was 7 or so...Kitteh had baaaad breath, and I'd just gotten a tube of Binaca Blast-if you remember that stuff, then you'll know it was around when Secretariat was a 2 y o. Opened poor trusting kitteh's mouth and squeezed off a squirt of Binaca---

    I know, animal abuse. Never again. Esp. since she sliced me to shreds while tornadoing away. Bad child. Pissed kitteh. Halitosis continued anyway.

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    Have your vet do a THOROUGH oral exam on the kitties. Dental disease can lurk under the gumline, and way in the back of the mouth. If there's an abscess there, or severe gingivitis, you may not see it but you will smell it. This is especially important in older animals!

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    Get a baby toothbrush and a tube of liver flavor toothpaste (yes, they really do make that) and brush the kitties' teeth. They get tartar build up just like people and dogs, and sometimes have to go to the vet to have it scaled off.

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