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    Default Pedigree question

    Sorry to ask but can anyone shed some light on my horse's pedigree? I have tried looking at some old threads to see if any one else has some of the same relatives but come up empty (on the close ones - seems like everyone has Native Dancer!).

    He has an incredible mind, good jumper (so far anyway!), and is pretty cute on the flat. We just went to our first show yesterday (my first in 15+ yrs) and he was a champ. Didn't look at anything!

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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    It's completely excellent from top to bottom. Not a bad or unknown sport horse TB line in it anywhere. All old time, classic distance, many starts lines. Tail female is superb in the 3rd and back.

    What in particular would you like to know?
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    Thanks so much! I guess I'm looking for two things:

    1) my overall goal with him is to be an all-around horse - eventing (maybe prelim if I have the guts; I really want to do a classic P3D), jumpers, and maybe some upper level dressage (meaning 3rd or 4th level) and I was curious as to whether his genes say he'll be up to the task.

    2) Where can I do some of my own research on this?

    I know from my longtime lurking that you, Viney, have an incredible amount of knowledge and I find the pedigree stuff absolutely fascinating. I'd love to learn more - not sure if you have any favorite books, websites, etc but if you do and are willing to share, I'd love to do some reading! Thanks again!
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