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    Default Mattes Pads-Website?

    I want to order a custom Mattes pad, but I cannot seem to find the website anywhere to buy directly from Mattes, I remember they had TONS of colors to choose from, more than what smart pak & dover offers. Anyone know what the heck website I'm thinking of? The website was based out of Germany I believe, and it was the actualy Mattes site.

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    I've ordered directly from them twice. The price can be worthwhile, depending on the exchange rate when you order, but be aware that you'll have to pay customs charges on top of the selling price when they ship it to the US.

    They do have some great colors, and I absolutely HAD to have the teal (aka "petrol") pad once I saw it I just got it in a week ago, and it looks lovely on my grey Arab!

    FYI - VTO & Bit of Britain usually have the full selection of colors, and if they don't have them on their website, I know VTO will order them. and you could check with BoB.

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    Maybe you meant this one?

    The online catalog (linked on that page) has ordering instructions and all of the new color options. I think this is the official US distributor for Mattes, from what I could gather, though I wonder if you call Smartpak if they couldn't also just order what you're looking for. They seemed to have the best pricing when I was looking at these a month or so ago. I'm thinking of ordering one of these myself...if only I could decide on just one color combo!

    GreyDes--I would LOVE to see a pic if you've got one! That was one color I was debating over (I also have a grey) but it looks so different in every swatch/catalogue I've seen it in...sometimes super bright and loud and other times more muted and rich.

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    It's a nice jewel tone - kind of in between a turquoise and a teal. I'll try to get a photo this weekend.

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