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    Default Low Glycemic cooking??

    A nutritionist friend of mine has put me on a low-GI diet and, so far, I'm really liking it. I've lost a good bit of weight and FEEL fantastic, which is the best part, for sure.

    This week has been a "detox" of sorts, so I've been on veggies, chicken/turkey and fruit. It's been reasonably easy for me, so I don't see why I shouldn't continue eating like this, adding back in a few things here and there, but mostly holding to the low GI meals.

    I'm looking for suggestions/recipes/support, whatever, to help!

    My biggest issue in cooking right now is finding the right things to make my meals flavorful- which in turn, makes me more fufilled!


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    Hi, I eat clean, which is also a low GI way of life. I think a lot of the things I eat would work for you. You can pick up Tosca Reno's book The Eat Clean Diet. Loads of good info in there+ recipes. Not sure if you are eating grains or not. I flavor my oatmeal with cinnamon and a tad of vanilla extract. Gotten used to this low sugar life. I also keep coconut nectar and date sugar on hand if I am going to do some baking.

    I don't have any real recipes, as i can hardly boil water. But, I have really gotten into using more fresh herbs. I was putting crushed red pepper on everything it seemed like for a while there. I also just made a batch of pesto which I have been putting on my chicken breast to flavor, since I can't have BBQ or honey mustard.

    Hope these ideas help, I have to say I feel great, lost weight and gained muscle tone and my skin has really improved since eating like this.

    feel free to PM me if you need support!

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    This product works for me. They make claims about "undigestable carbs", which my daily blood glucose monitoring seems to confirm. You do have to experiment with how long to cook it to get the "al dente" you prefer.

    Around here it's available at Food Lion, Food City, and Kroger.
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    You can substitute almond flour or garbanzo bean flour (high protein) for regular flour. The almond flour tastes fantastic, but it is pricey; the garbanzo bean flour is cheap but had a *slightly* different aftertaste.

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