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    Default Red Maple

    Does anyone know how long after cutting that red maple leaves have to dry !out before they are "safe"? I took down a red maple next to my pasture, and one of the branches fell into the pasture. I cleaned up all the leavings as much as I could--the whole thing was in a tangle of multiflora rose, so it was a mess. But I'm wondering how long I should wait to be sure that any little bit left behind is not a hazard. I'm resting that pasture anyway, but was hoping to bring it back on line pretty soon.

    I was hoping to get it out before it leafed out this year. I actually cut it about two weeks ago when it just had a few seeds, but had to wait for the multiflora to start to wilt before I could get to the base of itto haul it out. In that time, it actually put out the beginnings of leaves, even after being cut!
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    It is most deadly after it is thoroughly dry, according to my vets. It looks deadly. It has a blackish-red hue ... you can see it in the twigs and the leaves. I have piles of it in some areas that are over three years old and they still look dark and ominous . That pile of stuff will be getting hauled off or burned. No ponies allowed near it.

    ETA: they do have to eat a fair amount of it though. A few leaves won;t do it.

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    Sep. 29, 2009


    I thought never.

    To me, always bad.

    One leaf eaten is one leaf too many for me.

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    Actually, the person I know with the dead horse said it only ate a few Red Maple leaves. Just a little branchlet fell into her paddock. Horse was bored, had plenty of grass, ate the wilting leaves off the little branch. Not 24 hours off the tree, killed him anyway.

    I would say the leaves are never safe to eat, no matter how dried or old.

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    Apr. 16, 2009


    I've always heard they were most toxic when wilting.....

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    Jan. 13, 2008


    *Loosing their leaves in Autumn* does not carry the toxins. Both according to my vets AND watching an old horse eat them.

    But the wilting ones are the deadly ones. No, I don't want to test it out on my own pony, but I also don;t want to cut down every Red Maple I have. Maybe that is a dumb idea .

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