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    Default Giant back yard need tips to make it more comfortable

    Hi All!

    First let me say we have very little $$$$ to make much happen but I thought I would put it out there to see what cheap ideas can be used to make a huge open backyard more intimate.

    Currently, our backyard is about 4 acres of mown grass. On the left side is a mown side field of about three additional acres which we own, then further off is a view of our neighbor's farmette (very neatly kept). Going back, there is more acreage mostly open but we don't mow it as lawn perse. On the right is an attempt to put a tree line in against the neighbors (not as nicely kept thank you very much but not terrible) with Giant Thugas but it will probably look sparse that way until 2020 when the things actually start to become giants that they are supposed to!

    We have a cape with a breezeway between the house and the garage with steps down to the grassy backyard. There is one big Maple tree that provides lovely shade in the summer just off those steps (maybe 30 feet away). We have an "oh so lovely" well head off to the right side and an "oh so lovely" septic cap off to the left. That's it. The backyard is just tooooooooo open to the point of being uncomfortable. It just feels too exposed somehow. I can see EVERYTHING our neighbors do even though they are some distance away and vice versa.

    My dream? Fence, landscaping, pavers, fountain, heated pool, deck, patio, outdoor grill area. Um...what can we actually do with $2000? Hehe!

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    Its not nowhere, but you can see it from here


    Maybe tall clumps of decorative pampas grass or sea oats to block some views and anchor the yard. A strategically placed trellis with a climbing vine?
    See if a local contractor has boulders he needs removed off a jobsite? Sometimes you can sweet talk the dumptruck driver into dropping them off for free. We had a line of 4 ft tall boulders from our house site with rose of sharon planted behind them. And mom talked another builder into dumping some from his jobsite @ our driveway.
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    I thought I had a big yard!! Think about what you want to do in your yard before you plant. Even if you can't do it all at once, you can make a plan and start with the big plantings. Plan out where everything will go. I would think creating an area of about 1/2 acre will give you room for everything you want. Start with some other big trees and shrubs in the back. Avoid making straight lines. Go for curves.

    Layer shrubs and planting beds in front of the arborvitae so it's not just a wall of green.

    Hide the well and septic with structures. At my old house, I had a solid base bench over the cap in my septic tank with a pergola and clematis over that. If the cap is too high to be a seat bench, build a tall box over it, build a second on six feet away, and build a bench between them.

    If the pool is more than a dream, make sure you leave room to get big construction equipment to the area. Nothing worse than planting, then destroying, a nice tree.
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    Vegetable garden! My uncle is an organic farmer and has done some really awesome setups in the family's back yards. My aunt also has a huge backyard and has devoted about half of it to vegetable and herb gardening. Now they have all the herbs and most of the veggies they ever need right outside (a big $$, envrionment and health saver.) In my parents' smaller backyard he set up tiered gardens in wood boxes to expand the "ground" available - of course, you don't have that problem. You can start slowly and expand as your time and budget allow. If can find anyone who can help you with the setup and teach you a little about the maintenance, you can seriously have your own farmer's market right outside.

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