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    Default Men's dress boots - can I wear them?

    I was given a beautiful pair of Petrie Anky dressage boots - they were worn by a woman, but when I look at the number inside the boot, it is clear that these are a size 7 1/2 - since I am a woman's 8 and 1/2, and I am no fool, I quickly deduced that the boots are men's and not women's. It explains the fact that the ankle in this boot is rather boxy.

    Here's my question - I have a high instep, and usuallyl cannot wear off the rack dress boots (why I always get field boots) but these boots fit me really well - except that they are a bit big in the calf and definitely too roomy as the leg goes down.

    I would like to take them somewhere and have them altered to fit me, a woman.

    Has anyone altered men's boots to better fit a woman? Successfully? Got any pics? Or am I better off selling these and buying my own new pair for women. I hate to ruin the boots by trying to alter them if it really doesn't work out like that.

    What to do, what to do?
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    Might not be men''s sizes are not one size down. I wear a women's size 11 and the men's equivalent is 9. I know this for sure as I frequently resort to men's footwear as manufacturers often think women's feet stop at size 10.

    If they are a good fit in other regards I would probably try to have them altered.

    Does your heel slip around at all? The heel box on mens footwear tends to be bigger than womens, that is sometimes the deal breaker for me.

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    IMO, you don't have much to lose by trying the alteration IF you have a good shoe repair person near you. I can't imagine that you would get much for a used pair of boots - though may be wrong on that - so I would give it a try. You dont say if they have zippers or not, somehow I think that would make it easier to tinker w/ them.

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    I wear men's shoes all of the time. They fit me better. I wear men's and women's boots. If they fit you, why not?

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    Unlike people, boots do not have any physical attributes that mark them as either male or female. It is quite likely that the size is not American; ie a Women's UK size 7 1/2 is American 8 1/2.
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