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    Mare1992 Guest

    Default Mullen Mouth Bit

    OK, where do I find a mullen mouth bit for a 11.2 hand pony? She has a very small mouth and I don't know what size the bit should be as I have never bitted her before. She is half welsh but has a tiny little mouth more like a shetland. She is only 3 years old. I have always had horses and never had to buy pony stuff so I'm not sure where the best place to buy pony suff is. Any help would be greatly appreciated. "Thanks"

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    Measure her mouth first, before doing a generic "pony" bit. Some ponies have bigger muzzles than other ponies! I use a new pencil, put it in mouth like a bit, get one end even with lips on one side, then pinch the pencil even with lip corner on other side. Slide pencil out and measure what was in her mouth for size. Add a 1/4 inch more to size if you use bit guards that use up mouthpiece length.

    When you shop, measure the bit's mouthpiece on the INSIDE of ring or shanks. Some places measure mouthpieces from outside edge to outside edge, past the ring hole or shank side, to give a size. That size would be wrong, too small, since animal can't get lips past the bit ring or shank to use the mouthpiece total length. He won't be happy with a bit that pinches.

    Too often I see bits that don't fit the equine. Owner purchased a size because horse is "an Arab" MUST have a 4 1/2" mouth, or a Haflinger PONY, so he couldn't be bigger than a 5 inch bit. Both of those animals WERE bigger mouthed, bits were really pinching badly. Measured for size, the Arab wore a 5 1/2 inch bit, while the hefty Haflinger wore a 6 inch bit, even though he was only 13 hands. Both were LOTS happier animals with correct sized bits, owners learned a lesson about "guessing sizes".

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    Iowa Valley Carriage has lots of options for minis on up:

    Yes, need to measure, there is no way to guess.

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    Mare1992 Guest


    Thanks so much for the advice. I have been around horses for years and never thought nor have seen anyone do the pencil measuring for a bit but it's a great idea and I will use your advice. Take care and I really appreciate your response.

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    Just wanted to say that Iowa Valley Carriage is great to deal with! Highly recommended.

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