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    Default Cheaper alternative to electrobraid?

    I'm looking at electric braid fences. I want t fence in a 2 acre field. I'd like it to be a permant fence (so lasting longer than a year or two). I'm using T-Posts as posts because it would be extremely difficult to get a tractor to the's over a bridge. The field is surrounded by thick woods, so I already have a physical barrier...I just need electric.

    I was looking at electrobraid and love it but it's still at the top end of my budget. Are there cheaper alternatives where I won't sacrifice quality and safety for price?
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    We've had the Farm & Fleet brand of electric rope on t-posts for at least 5 years and it's still going strong. Just gotta keep it tight.
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    I bought the Polybraid rope from Powerflex fence. It has been up for two years and I've had no issues. I've had to tighten it only once.

    I spaced my posts 25' apart because we get a lot of wind. You can do up to 50' though. This type of fence definitely saves money on posts. I went with all wood posts but will probably do a wood/t-post combo for the next large pasture I build.

    The people that work there are extremely helpful too. They will help you figure out exactly what you need if you have your dimensions ready.
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    When stacked up against other kinds of fencing, Electrobraid is VERY budget-friendly. You don't need to put posts too close together, and you could get by with 3 strands if you had to cut corners, but IME with the "other" rope products I've seen the quality of the Electrobraid is vastly, vastly better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by deltawave View Post
    When stacked up against other kinds of fencing, Electrobraid is VERY budget-friendly. You don't need to put posts too close together, and you could get by with 3 strands if you had to cut corners, but IME with the "other" rope products I've seen the quality of the Electrobraid is vastly, vastly better.

    I have both Electrobraid (that we installed ourselves) and Dare Polyrope (that the old owners installed) on our property. Dare is available through Southern States, Agway, and in some places, Ace Hardware, too. I personally VASTLY prefer the Electrobraid over the Dare Polyrope, but the Dare Polyrope is holding up fine for now. It is about 3-4 years old now, and I think it will go a few more years. I have to say that we had tree limbs fall on it during some big storms recently, and it didn't break or get damaged. It seems to need re-tensioning way more frequently than the Electrobraid, though. It doesn't seem too bad for the $$, but it's nowhere near as nice as the Electrobraid. You can tell the difference immediately when you see the two side by side.

    Our neighbors also have the Dare rope and theirs was looking like it was holding up well... but then I noticed the other day that the bottom strand was broken in a storm. The break strength of the Dare rope is lower than the break strength of Electrobraid, which is attractive to some people. I have, however, seen a horse hit the Dare fence and the fence bounced right back without breaking.

    My horses respect both fences, and both look nice. Still, I think the Electrobraid is much higher quality, and I believe it will greatly outlast the Dare Polyrope... We plan to replace the Dare rope with Electrobraid (or Centaur if we can afford it when the time comes) in the next couple of years. Since it does safely fence in about 6 acres now, it isn't cost-effective for us to replace it now. The old owners used fiberglass posts for line posts for the rope, and I am pretty impressed with how well they hold up.

    Good luck! If you have any questions about either product, feel free to PM me. We recently installed our Electrobraid, and we used t-posts with vinyl sleeves over them. That was just as expensive as wood posts would have been, but far less labor. I put our line posts 20' apart for visibility and because we get a fair amount of wind here.

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    Gallagher Turbo Braid is quite nice. I've got two pastures fenced with it and like it a lot.

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    Feb. 3, 2011

    Default Electrobraid alternative

    Look at Premier livestock supplies They have all kinds of electric fencing supplies and will give the pros and cons of each.
    We have several acres surrounded by their endura-soft that has been up over 10 years and is still good as new. Am currently running another couple of acres with their Intellirope 6.0 and it is very budget friendly as well as sturdy and conductive.
    They are really good to deal with as well.

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