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    Quote Originally Posted by Hunter Mom View Post
    Class as over. When they pinned it and Pony won the class, he spooked at teh ribbon, jumped sideways and dumped her. She got dumped in the lineup of a flat.
    I hadnt shown for years. Went in the hunter class with Dobbin against a pretty bay gelding. Someone was videoing the whole class. So we get the bay winning the class and same thing happened. The horse spooked threw her off and gallopped off. We joked that he needed an extra lap. It was funny seeing everyone trying to catch this crazy beast. I showed against the bay gelding for years until Dobbin died & she sold her geldin, we are still at the same barn and are friends.

    My best one lately. Im on my trail horse trotting up a wide trail back to the barn. On the way out I saw a black snake slithering away into a bush. I live & let live with snakes and I knew it was not poisenous. We are almost to the bush when duck/spin, Im on the ground before I know it. Im thinking Im going to land right on this snake I saw or else the snake bit him. Nope. Lucky for me trail horse doesnt leave when I fall off, it happens a lot. Hes staring at a spot 50 yards away where a deer is going whats wrong with ya. He sees deer every day but this one must have been xtra scary. Dope.
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    It was winter, and chilly, and I was teaching a beginner/int. class of a bunch of Stanford students. Because it was cold, I sat on a horse in the middle of the ring - and also had on a pair of polo boots, which were a bit too big for me. I was explaining a 'jumping position' and demonstrated. I wanted to emphasize that it was important to have a strong base of support so one didn't get left behind. To make it dramatic, I flung myself backward into the saddle. Only I was a bit too enthusiastic, and flipped myself off the horse backwards. One boot got stuck in the stirrup and I slowly slipped out of the boot and to the ground on my back. The students sat on their horses, aghast, not knowing what to do. I was lauging so hard I couldn't get up. The class finally began to laugh with (at?) me. The saint of a shoolie I had 'dismounted' from just stood there and I'm sure thought I was more than a bit odd.

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    OK this one is REALLY bad...
    I'm still getting used to my athletic mare at this point, and we're cantering ground poles in a lesson. They were close enough that I REALLY had to collect her. Come around the corner, collect, and she breaks. So I squeeze too hard and we fly over the poles 2 at a time. I'm fighting for a whoa with uber long stirrups and she's FLYING at a huge, leaping hand gallop. I finally decide to dismount without a plan. The impact was so hard I PISSED MY PANTS ON IMPACT!! I had no idea. Blood everywhere, couldn't recognize my horse, and they whisk me off in an ambulance. There was a big crowd. Thankfully it was a only mild concussion.

    Edit: well, yes, stitches, too, so not JUST a concussion. But nothing broken aside from my ego!!
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    I was sitting on my horse in the middle of the ring talking to some friends, and my dressage whip somehow got stuck under the saddle behind horse freaked when I tried to pull the whip out, but because I was sitting on it...I couldn't pull it he started spinning really fast in a tiny circle a hundred miles an hour, and I fell right down the well. All my friends were on the ground laughing as my horse just stopped and stared "what just happened and what are you doing down there???". Totally embarrassing! LOL

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    My vet's wife was part of our riding group and rode a lovely OTTB named Copper. Every now and then Copper just 'had to go'. Kathy would be bolting thru the group saying "Excuse us, excuse us" on her way to a hand gallop over the next hill. Eventually she came trotting back.

    Once she started her family and the practice really took off she decided to sell Copper. A woman came out to try her in the paddocks at the clinic. After her ride, with no where to 'just go' Copper started going up and down. Potential buyer came flying off, landed awkwardly on their split rail fence breaking her arm in several places. Kathy was mortified; called an ambulance. As they were loading the woman into the ambulance she called out to Kathy "Promise me you won't sell him to anyone else, I LOVE him. I'll be back in a day or two."

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    Ugh, last Wednesday, from a standstill. Who falls off while your horse is standing still?!

    This girl.
    Adversity is the stone on which I sharpen my blade.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaintPony View Post
    Of course it was one of the rare times that my parents actually came to watch me show.

    My horse ran out at the 2nd jump and I slid off landing on my feet. I asked the judge if I could jump one more fence and she says OK.

    The guy running the gate comes over to give me a leg up and he TOSSED ME COMPLETELY OVER AND OFF THE OTHER SIDE OF MY HORSE!

    Landed flat on my arse. Yeah, my parents were REAL impressed.
    Wow - I forgot I wrote this! Hey Herbie19, it was your dad who threw me off the other side of Chelsea from Blue Fox!

    Although I do have a better one. Herbie19 and I were at a horse trial and when I went to mount my horse she trotted off before I had swung my leg over. I couldn't get my leg over while horsie was trotting, so I just jumped down and was going to try again.

    Except when I jumped down I tripped and fell flat on my ass - IN A BIG JUICY FRESH PILE OF CRAP!

    Herbie19 was in tears from laughing and I had to ride the rest of the day in damp poopy breeches. Luckily I have a good sense of humor and thought it was hilarious as well!

    Crap like that (pun intended) always happens to me.

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    Oh God. As soon as I saw this thread it all came back to me.

    When I was a Jr, I used to ride this dirty stopper; I popped off him often. Well, one time about 15 yrs ago we were in a children's Eq class at a local show, and we came up to a fence and of course, he stopped.

    I fell off to the left, and decided to grab the wing standard on my way down! But instead of it breaking my fall, it flipped over and fell on top of me

    Luckily, I wasn't hurt, but I was pinned under it and the jump crew had to run out while I waited helplessly for about 10 seconds to pull it up off of me. I was covered in sand, head to toe. Down my shirt, in my boots. In my mouth.

    At 16, I seriously cant think of anything as embarrassing.
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    I did the "fall off without getting on" back in May. I decided to go for a nice, peaceful field hack with my saintly Appy. Tack him up, check my girth, roll down stirrup leathers, put foot in stirrup, saddle rolls, and I'm deposited under him on the other side.

    Now that's just dumb, right? But here's the catch- my right foot never even left the ground. When the saddle started to roll, so did my right ankle, which is how I got the momentum to actually end up under him. Saintly pony just sighed and started munching on grass. "Let me know when you're ready to get out from under me, k?"

    I'd say most dramatically embarrassing was at an IHSA show years ago- my father and stepmother loaded up my baby brother and drove halfway across the state to see me. I mount up for my OF class, do a lovely hunter circle, get a great spot to the first fence, and BAMSHAPOW- this mare ditches me as hard and fast as she can. Once I figured out the change in plans, I scrambled out of there... just in time for my father and stepmother and baby brother to have to leave because it was too cold and wet. So the shining moment they travelled half the state to see was 15 seconds of me riding and 30 seconds of me being on the ground.

    The only redeeming factor was that someone then went out to school the mare over that fence before the class proceeded... and she dirty dumped that rider, too. It took a few tries, and then they retired her from the class.

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    Does it have to be a human falling off a horse?

    When I was probably 12, I went with my trainer to her (mercifully, private) lesson with Jimmy Wofford. We left before dawn and I was wearing jeans, so my trainer suggested I change in to a pair of her shorts to be more comfortable.

    Jimmy asked me to help him re-set some jumps. The shorts fell down.

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