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    Sep. 24, 2010
    Western NY

    Default Wait for it... YES more saddle questions!!

    Ok maybe really only one... or two...

    Who has ridden in the newer Pariani saddles? The ones Intec produces as higher line of M. Toulouse. How do they break in?

    My trainer and some of us boarders are on a mad saddle fitting spree, trying to find a decent saddle that actually fits our horses AND us! I think I've sat in 5 different saddles in 2 weeks, not including my own 3... Tried a Pariani Maximus last night and Goober LOFFS this saddle! Wow, my horse has never stretched out over his topline like that before (makes me feel awful about my other saddles!)! So I'm doing m research before I plunk down more $ for one saddle than what I paid for my current 3 combined! I only have one horse for the record and I am realizing my saddle fetish... This model comes in buffalo leather, so I'm thinking it should last me quite some time!

    My issues for saddles to address: needs a wide-ish tree depending on brand (32cm Stubben, wide for Pariani,Pessoa, Crosby), needs a semi forward flap (Not OMG **** xc forward, but more than most saddles), 17 or 17.5" seat depending on brand/model, under $1000. New/Used I don't care, quality and fit matter most.

    What I currently have:
    - Crosby PDN with pancake flaps: I LOFF this saddle, Goober tolerates. Trainer thinks I'm suicidal for eventing my horse in it...
    -Lovatt & Ricketts AP: Decent saddle, comfy for hacks, Goober likes better than Crosby. Keeping for foxhunting
    -SLT Newburry (sp?) Dressage: Fits OK, needs a back riser pad or half pad. Goober likes, I like.

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    Feb. 13, 2005
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    Of the few that I've seen, they seem to break in better than the Toulouse tack and have a hardier, better quality leather on them. They were designed to retail at double the price of the Toulouse tack, so the leather is significantly upgraded.

    I know Toulouse likes to advertise the Annice/Maximus as fitting "a wide variety of horses," but IMO it does not due to the shape of the panels. But every saddle has its horse, and after some rooting through your old posts, I found some pictures of your horse--and he's built for that kind of saddle. He's that extremely straightforward fit that the rest of us all wish we had to work with: very straight topline, unremarkable wither that is neither tall nor long, and the only minor complication is that he's a little wide but more in the neighborhood of medium-wide than true wide. Certainly there are other saddles that would fit that conformation--many of them--but no reason to keep shopping if you've found one that works.

    Just don't kid yourself that you're buying a saddle that will fit a variety of horses (it won't) and don't overpay (you can find the Maximus on closeout, even in the buffalo leather, for $800), and live happily ever after!
    Resident COTH saddle nerd. (CYA: Not a pro, just a long-time enthusiast!)

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    Jan. 10, 2007
    too far from the barn


    I tried one from here:, where they have some great clearance prices. I thought it was fairly nice, but the twist was a bit wide for me. It fit my horse well and the leather seemed good, though not fabulous (though way better than I would have expected for a $900 saddle).
    OTTBs rule, but spots are good too!

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    Sep. 24, 2010
    Western NY


    I have been eyeballing the clearance page at classic saddlery!

    The tree fit is the most difficult for Goobs, my Crosby and L&R fit "nice" but are a touch too wide for really long rides. I had an issue with the Allegra model with it rocking in the back. My legs are usually the hardest to fit with a relatively long hip to knee length, finding a forward enough flap without going to the really nice saddles, ala Passier, Albion...

    I'm going to jump in the Maximus tonight to get the "full ride" out of it. It is brand new so I'm trying to figure out the comfort of it for myself, as I didn't love it the first 5 min I sat in it, but it's growing on me.

    My other current "like" is a used Pessoa Legacy. It has an extra-wide in it right now, but has the gullet change system. I loved sitting in it, but Goober didn't love it quite as much. I'm debating about finding one in just a wide to try out... My riding buddy said my leg looked better in the Pariani than the Pessoa as well.

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