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    Default OK I know I'm retarded- registry question

    What is the difference- meaning how can your foal be eligible for Holsteiner Verband vs AHHA registries?

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    Default too fast....thought you asked Holsteiner vs Hano.

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    AHHA and the Holsteiner Verband have different breeding rules, I believe. So I think some horses bred under AHHA would not be considered "Holsteiners" under the Verband's rules, whereas certain horses registered with AHHA, who meet the stricter Verband crieteria would be "Verband Eligible". That is my limited understanding, but I am not a Holsteiner breeder so you may wish to consult one of them directly, or contact the AHHA for specific questions.
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    If your Holsteiner foal was bred/born in Germany, it would be eligible for Holsteiner Verband papers. Here in the USA it would be eligible for AHHA papers. There is also the Verband Eligible (VE) program which is an agreement between the AHHA and the German Holsteiner Verband for certain mares which states that "any mare that qualifies by pedigree and approval by the Holsteiner Verband Judges to be designated Holsteiner Verband Eligible will be so designated on her papers and those of her qualified offspring from that day forward." These mares that are so designated will then be entered also in the German Verband's studbook.

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    to add...

    The breeding rules are very similar, but the processes are somewhat different. AHHA has approves its own mares and stallions for breeding. They automatically except horses that were already approved by the HV. That use to be a one way street. However, if the following criterea are met, and verified by a German Judge, then they will get VE status, and inclusion into their studbook as well:

    1. Mare is a registered Holsteiner mare with a German stamm.

    2. All stallions used to breed said mare generationally were approved in Germany by the normal procedures.

    3. Foal is by a HV approved Stallion.

    Mare: Linaro/Cassini/Carneval/Marlon stamm 776

    bred to Lasino, foal is VE
    bred to Saluut II(ahha approved KWPN stallion), foal is not VE
    bred to Carpaccio, foal is VE

    It is not meant to represent quality, which is evident here, just that if horse has no break in its pedigree from German approved stallions, then they have no problem including them in their book. This was offered up to those breeders that stick to these rules. I will have both here, as all of my mares will be Verband Eligable, but I will choose both AHHA and HV approved stallions based on best fit for my mares. My foal coming in 3 days is by Connor, so VE. I am breeding the same mare to Rolling Roc who was approved by a German Judge, but here in America. Foal will not be VE.

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