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    Default Introducing! LONG WOT alert

    I can now introduce my newest doggy addition! Patience please, Im going to copy and paste a lot of cross postings! Oldest to newest of course

    Posted 3.1


    He is a mix of this and that(Now identified as a GSD/Leonberger cross). He is 3 months old and 35lbs and keep in mind he is THIN under his fur, his ideal weight out be 40-45lbs! He is a bit cheeky, REAL quiet at home, but taking him out to see new things and anything that interest him he barks at before staring at it while tilting his head. Him and Kyra get along very well, and he is just a big goof ball. Right now he is slwly being introduced to exercise as well as being calcium tablets. From what I was told he didn't have much room to work his leg muscles at his old home nor at the shelter, so we are working slowly to help his front legs strengthen up more and straighten out. (think foals when they first get born how their legs can be) But since he is larger breed its possible thats just how he is going to grow starting out. Thats what I saw when I looked up large dog breeds his age and weight anyway.

    Anyway pictures!

    At the shelter

    Kyra and Sebastian comparison pic

    Him and Kyra "fighting" over Kyra's toy
    He won

    And here is an update on his legs as well
    Ok, Sebastian has weak legs. I described it in the first thread like a newborn foal with their pasterns haven't straightened out yet. Well Sebastian's front legs are similar to that. We were told it was because he didn't have room to move too terribly much to exercise them and strengthen them to support his body. So (they claim) he was put on calcium tablets, but he was not allowed outside reason being he was "too young"

    I've started exercising him slowly and putting him outside as much as possible to encourage him to move around and work his legs. Ive also put him on calcium tablets as well.

    Yesterday we went to the park and while it took us about an hour to finish we didnt really do much. Lots of moasying around, looking at stuff, allowing him to explore the area around us on the leash. Giving him plenty of rest so as to not over stress his legs instead of working them. We also had a short (very short as in less than 20ft) jog session. Went up and down a small hill. he saw lots of dogs, and even got "mobbed" by a group of children and he did splendidly.

    Anyway, just got back home from work, and of course the first thing I do is check on his legs. I am so excited, they have straightened a little bit since he came home with us! here are a few pictures.

    Tips and advice on his legs is also greatly appreciated.

    Here s a very ****** picture in the "interaction room" its hard to see but take a loo at his far paw and you can sort of see how bad he was.

    Picture from today

    here is a sitting picture. How his legs are when he sits was exactly how they were when he was standing up.

    I also took him to the pet store today! he did great, we happened to get there when there was an obedience class going on, lots of dogs, and some children. He calmly walked beside me, Sat like a pro when told to. Calmly watched the dogs of the class walk by as they left, and allowed himself to be inspected by the instructor and one of the guys there. They were really interested in him because apparently he looked like a dog in their class which s a Tibetan mastiff (sp?)

    Here are the videos I took while walking around etc.
    Sebastian walks

    Sebastian watches

    Also adding, we aren't giving him the calcium tablets for his leg issues, but more as a supplement for his bone growth since he was so malnourished. He also had a vet visit coming up as well. Actually today.

    This week we are also taking him up to meet his "brother" Sirrus and his "Uncle" Shiloh probably Thursday or Friday as well as get a brief introduction to... Horses! I need to drop off Sirrus' Joint pills so Im throwing in 2 trips at once. So Look forward to a lot of updated pictures of my "puppies." Oh I'll also post Sirrus' update then too

    OK. Here is the Update from the vet visit and I am NOT happy.

    Ok, he did great with the vet, sat for his exam, took his parvo booster like a pro. Didnt like his fecal (he still had some round worms) Of course was told because he was so large at 3 mos, that he would have joint issues. Which we expected so no surprises there. As a helper/preventative he wants us to either put him on some joint suppliments, or on crown royal which has it in the food already, said that would also help his pasterns as well as the exercise and to keep that up. The calcium pills arent needed but go ahead and use up the bottle if we have it already.

    Ok all of that sounds great/good so far right? right?

    Look at this picture.

    Notice a little something there that should NOT be there? Something that should have been you know, snipped away? Please look at this next picture.

    Yea. I. Am. ******. *was an estimate given by my vet to reneuter him

    Im looking into my options now about it. Here`are the rest of the vet visit pics.

    Posted 3.10

    Well, I posted before how I had taken Sebastian to the Vet and it was determined he had a remaining testicle when he shouldn't of had one. I went back to the humane society, they examined him, said its a testicle and sent me to the clinic that originally neutered him, their vet examined him and declared he had another testicle.

    Well... It wasn't a testicle. I got the call around 12, which confused me, as they didn't call before when I had used them in spaying our cats. And of course I felt a sinking feeling when they said "this is so and so from the spay/neuter clinic and we were calling about Sebastian."

    Well, the thing everyone thought looked and felt like a testicle was a pouch of fluid surrounded by inflamed tissue. The vet felt that it could be reabsorbed by the body but went ahead and removed it and close it up.

    Sebastian is doing fine now, drugged out the *** of course, and walking like a drunk. He has a check up appt next Monday.

    This is the original picture.

    Posted 3.12
    So far everything is going well with Sebastian. Day one of course was entertaining, finding out he didn't have a testicle, bringing him home, watching him walk like a drunk, into stuff, attempting to roll over and failing. Poor puppy was drugged out of his mind.

    Yesterday he was completely coherent. Active and happy, confused as to why he was not allowed to play with Kyra, why he wasn't allowed to play around in the yard. But overall happy. No real difference between day one and day two at the surgery site. Slightly less in the swelling department but thats about it. Day 2 was also the day we got a visitor!

    Sirrus is staying the weekend with us My mom has company for the weekend and they have small dogs, and Sirrus well hates those two with a passion, so he's staying with us til Tuesday. We only had one Sebastian-Sirrus incident, and that was with me sitting on the arm of the couch and Sirrus stood up on his hind legs for attention, so Sebastian decided he could too. Aside from that its been fairly easy to keep Sebastian from running and jumping around.

    Ive noticed with Sirrus it is like a monkey see monkey do thing with Sebastian, if he sees Sirrus doing something, he must try it as well. He follows him everywhere, lays down with him, etc. They are so cute together!

    anyway, here are day three pictures. The swelling has obviously gone down, the skin around the pouch is now loose, but shrinking, the incision is nice and clean with no signs of infection/ickiness.

    Posted 3.18
    Sebastian incision is great! It has healed up and the scabbiness is molting off slowly. His flabbiness is also shrinking as well. He is happy and fluffy now.

    His legs are also looking great! I believe we caught the down pasterns in time to help them straighten. They look completely normal now, and when he he walks they dont seem to flex any more than what is normal for other dogs and puppies.

    here are pictures!

    Posted 4.1

    Anyway. Sebastian is doing great. He is progressing well on the "come" command. I have a video of his first "outing" at mom's house off leash and working on the come command. He was a bit sticky in it, but his reaction time now is much more immediate.

    He loves running around at mom's house (LARGE open areas) he can pick up speed, run to his hearts desire, play with Kyra and Shiloh (mom's dog) and we work on his come command during this as well and he is doing great at coming when we call even if he is having fun with the other dogs. He looks so funny during it as well he bounds along. Sirrus also adores him which is very unusual, he is usually fairly distant with other dogs, but I'm not going to look a gift horse in the mouth ya know?

    We also weighed him a couple days ago. He is 42lbs and we aren't happy with that we feel he needs to be at least 45lbs even if we are keeping him leaner, so we've up his food by half a cup bringing him to 5 cups a day. We are going to reweigh again in a couple more days and see where we stand.

    I also found a baby tooth this morning! Unfortunately it was in the jacket I was going to wear but whatever right? Ive never found a doggy baby tooth before so of course I took pictures.

    Pics and video!


    Posted 4.17

    Well, Sebastian now weighs 47lbs, he has gained about 3lbs, he has also grown to 22" at the shoulder and 22 1/4-1/2" at the butt. Other than that i don't really have anything else. I did get a picture of his front teeth though where he had double canines where his adults were coming in and his babies were still there, it looked neat. His babies fell out yesterday and they day before.


    And thats it so far, Sebastian is now 5 months old.
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    He's a cutie!! Glad he's doind so well

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