You know that I've left the old place because of crazy therapy instructor.

A two decades old friends of ours hauls horses as a sideline and my husband helps them out when they need it. Well he got a call from one of them saying there was a big therapy riding event at the LAEC and if he would be interested in giving a group from our old stomping grounds a hand.

Yep. Crazy lady.

Here is the nervy part. Her little group already has had a good trailer donated to it and it is well known around the stable that her horses behave just as badly in the trailer as out. So instead of having her own trailer kicked to dented shabbiness she is hiring haulers so her horses can beat up someone elses trailer.

Well My husband did not keep this bit of salient information to himself, nor did he mince words about the dangerous unpredictability of her therapy horses and that our friend or anyone she likes may not want to haul this particular persons horses.

Its funny how some people reach out and try to screw up your life even after you give them the high ground.

Anyone else have nutso wack job stories to share?