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    Default activating the walk for the rider who admits to being lazy about working on walk!

    When my horse is working at the walk he has a great walk! I got quite a few 8’s on my dressage tests. He can overtrack by 3 hoofprints.
    I haven’t done much with the walk though lately and I do admit I hate working on walk! In the freezing cold it is hard to work on walk. But spring is here and I find that the walk work makes my canter so much better.
    What are some really good things to do to make the walk better? My horse is lazy at the walk but not at the trot or canter. I feel like I work so hard at the walk so I tend to just skip it!!!!(this was not the case when I worked actively on walk in 2009. He had a great walk but now has lost it)
    I have been squeezing him alternaltely when the inside hind is coming forward and this really activates my horse’s walk. But I feel like I am squeezing all the time. As soon as I let off the squeezing he goes to his lazy walk. And it is sooo slow!!!!
    I used to work on walk a lot, but I had a year off of serious work from a broken leg and I have been focusing on jumping. I would like to go back to some dressage shows this spring as I competed in 2009. I am rusty!
    Also how do you keep the walk active when you use the half halt. I can keep him going active but I find that I am using my legs sooo much that I am rubbing off his hair.
    i have noticed that i get a much better canter when i work on walk. what are the other benefits of working on this boring gait!
    Thanks in advance!

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    I wouldn't over-work the walk, it's so easy to screw it up and have it go lateral. That said, doing lateral work at the walk is a good way to engage the hind end and being able to push for throughness. That and transitions are probably the safest things to to.
    "Reite dein Pferd vorwärts und richte es gerade.” Gustav Steinbrecht

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    What IL2OR said. And trail riding. Lots and lots of trail riding. My gelding is a lazy walker and that helped him.

    Be careful that you are not doing a "double bump" with your legs at the walk. Persistent nagging legs will tune the horse out from your aids eventually.

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