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    Default Boarding fees

    Am doing some research for an article. Would like input regarding what fees are considered "extra" in your blanketing, holding for farrier, etc. and what the charge is for those services?

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    No charge for holding if you use the barn vet & farrier. If she's home, no charge for your own either.
    Will do one blanket change per day for no charge.
    Will reduce board if you buy your own feed.
    No charge for minor wound care (put ointment on, administer medication orally)

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    Bandaging $9.00 each change
    Wound care $2.00 per day

    No charge to hold for vet or farrier if you use theirs.

    I do not blanket, so I am not sure, though she does change the blankets on the ones who need it.

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    Blankets on or off or both is extra here. ($35 month)
    Holding for regularly scheduled barn farrier or vet (you get choice of 2) not extra
    Any supplements or feeds we buy extra will be fed at 2x day normal feeding times at no cost, but extra meals/feedings are extra fee ($2 a feed)
    Extra turnouts are extra fee (?)
    Any wound care is extra (varies)

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    I board at 2 barns.
    The family-type barn doesn't charge to hold for the barn vet and farrier.
    They don't change blankets, but they do pull them off if your horse is baking.
    They will treat minor injuries-- if it's as simple as remove wraps before turnout, add ointment or give meds/supplements-- without charge. If it's more complex-- you need to come do it or hire someone to do it.
    No charge if the horse needs to stay in if injured/sick.
    Private turnout is $30-50 more per month.

    The competition/training barn does offer all the extras. I don't know all the prices since I don't get the extras, I'm used to being hands-on from being at the other barn for so long...
    Holding for any vet/farrier is $10.
    Blanketing is around $30-50 I think.
    They give supplements for no extra charge (well for me, mine are all ready and just need dumped in), so I assume meds would be also be no charge.
    They do offer leg-wrapping and cold-hosing, and semi- and private turnout, etc, etc.
    I *think* an extra per-day charge was put into place last summer for horses left inside due to illness or injury because of the extra work of cleaning and checking stall water buckets. (my horse just missed this since he was hurt before it went into place... he's messy so I'm sure he was a good part of the new charge! )

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    When I boarded, it was an even dollar every time I had to put on/remove/change blankets. Worth it for the people who did the "OMG it's 60, please take Pookie's blanket off, it was 40 yesterday and I can't make it out!" and also worth it for the people who never came out and wanted appropriate changes as needed.

    If it was my vet/farrier and my appointment, as I often had two or three people ask to be scheduled for the same time to split barn calls, then no charge for vet and farrier. Outside of my own appointment, $10 to hold if the owner wasn't available.

    I did not do wound care, might consider it in the future, not sure on fees. Did not charge for supplementing either. I didn't do any grooming or exercising.
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    No extra fees where I board. If the horse needs something done, its considered part of the care I pay for. Love it and LOVE my barn owner!

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    I don't charge extra for anything, except exceptional medical care (i.e. an hour of soaking/wrapping)

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    Quote Originally Posted by horsepix76 View Post
    No extra fees where I board. If the horse needs something done, its considered part of the care I pay for. Love it and LOVE my barn owner!
    Ditto! LOVE my barn. And I lend a helping hand whenever I can. It's wonderful!!

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    Extra for holding for vet or farrier $20
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    No charge for holding for vet/farrier if boarder is using the barn's service provider for routine service-- we set aside those days.

    Other vets/farriers, if we have to hold, we charge the hourly lesson rate-- $35/hr.

    Our vet/farrier, but for a non-emergency, scheduled call (like you just decided to shoe this month, or you need a coggins now to go to that competition), also charged hourly lesson rate.

    Emergency calls-- not charged; that's part of our responsibility to ensure proper care.

    We don't generally blanket; if your horse is cold, we bring him in and give him hay, for which we don't charge.

    No extra charge for extra feed, if you use what we buy (McCauleys) if your horse needs it. If you have an alternative feed you'd rather use, you buy it, and there is no break in board.

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    I don't charge extra for most extras... except meds/care/treatment that is due past my bedtime. For example a horse that needs meds every 6 hours. Or, hazard pay for a tricky med (chloraphenacol (sp)) is considered an extra.

    I certainly don't think there is anything wrong with charging for extras.

    I just happen to like to include everything because it's standard for extras to be part of the day to day care here.

    If I have an incoming boarder who wants to be itemized, I will break it down for them and adjust the base board rate, vs. charging one flat fee and including everything (which in some way is charging for extras). Whichever the boarder perfers is fine with me. Boarders seem happy with this.
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    I run a farm where we offer lessons, training, boarding (not required to be in lesson program) and marketing. Our normal stall and pasture board include two blanket changes per day, AM and PM (altho I often will change a blanket if needed in mid day if I am able), scheduling and holidng for farrier/vet if you use the farm vet and farrier. No extra charge to feed owner supplied supplements. Not extra charge to park a trailer. We do charge extra for "non-standard" feed/hay. But our standard feeds are 5 differnet choices and grass hay. We do charge extra for individual turnout. Our turnout is normally all day in winter and all night in summer, but may not be able to be that many hours for individual turnout. We charge $10 every other month for worming (required), we charge $15 per month for feed thru fly control during fly season (required) and we charge $5 per month to have a fan on your horses stall (owner supplies fan). We don't usually charge for health care, meeting the vet for emeregencies etc unless it is excessive amoutn of time/effort involved over a period of time. If I had to keep a horse in a stall 24/7 for an extended period, I would charge extra for more bedding use and more stall cleaning. I do not allow buying your own feed/hay as I have run into issues with that, feed running out, nt enough storage space to have mulitple feeds etc. Only if very short term boarding (i.e. a week or so) would I allow that. I will find the feed you need. but if it is non-standard will charge for the extra cost of buying and the extra cost of obtaining it, as I may have to drive some distance to get it. If I cannot get it will tell you so.

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    Everything is extra And my barn is typically lower than most!

    Grain 2x $40 month
    Blanket 2x $40 month
    Free choice hay in stall $80-120
    Turnout $100
    Trailer Parking $75
    Vet/Farrier Holding $10

    and probably more I can't think of right now

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    No extra charges at all.

    If you want a different feed then the barn provides then you buy it and they will feed it. You can bring in a garbage can or container of your choice to put in the feed room.

    Love our barn.

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    I never used to charge for holding for vet/farrier or for meds or blanketing or wound care. But I will be changing that for boarders who aren't on contract with my trainer.
    I know that I was taken advantage of in the past. But I had a different trainer here who made a lot of money off the clients and just had me do things because she knew I would just do as she asked.
    Good thread.
    I don't know how much I will charge and I prefer clients who will simply rely on me to take care of their horses and come out to ride/pet/love on their horses rather than boarders who come out to feed/turn out their own horses at variable times. Everyone needs to be done at the same time for harmony IMHO.
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    Board includes feeding and cleaning the stalls; that's it.

    Everything else is extra. Some things, like blanketing, the BO won't bother with. You either cut a deal with one of the barn men or someone else. Same for feeding supplements, holding for anyone, turn out, you name it.

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    "Full" board at my barn includes feeding, supplements, turn-out, 2X/day stall cleaning, blanketing, and trailer parking. I'm not sure if they charge extra for holding for the vet, etc. (??).

    I'm on part-board, though, so they will dump my hay/grain in the morning and that's pretty much it. I provide shavings, hay, grain, and labor.

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    Full board, with blanketing is $375/month. Everything from feed to blanketing. The manager charges $10 to hold for the farrier, but the owners will do it a lot of the time.

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    Fly spray extra charge for the summer ($15 a month ?)
    Wormer extra (but required)
    Holding for farrier - no charge if their farrier
    new charges - $5.00 a day for abscess foot wrap, $25 a day if most be confined to stall due to abscess (entire barn is out 24/7 usually).

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