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    May. 22, 2008

    Default watch our journey

    I have set all fear of criticism aside and have decided to journal our journey through video.
    I am a novice rider, I have never shown and do not plan to. I simply want to learn what I can and value my partnership with my horse.
    Deo is 7 years old and was started by a wonderful trainer as a 3 year old for dressage. She rode him for 5 months and he was doing extremely well. At the age of 4, Deo had a severe fall while running in his pasture and injured his right hip and stifle (later found out it was due to EPM). He lost all muscle tone and coordination. he was treated wih marquis for 3 months. He had 6 months of doing nothing and spent a year hand walking after that. When he seemed normal again, i rode him sporadically at best due to other time committments. Now that my life allows for the time committment needed for dressage, I have started him back under saddle. This is our first actual ride and is very basic. I am only asking him to go forward to the contact and get accustomed to his new environment. I am not asking for bend etc. I have reluctantly decided to put myself in the open for several reasons. One, for accountability, and two just to hopefully see progress. This was taped by my 9 year old daughter so a little shaky. I have several more rides taped since then but have not uploaded then yet. Feel free to subscribe to our channel if you would like to see future rides and guide us in our journey.......
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    Looks like you both are having a great time!
    Friesians Rule !!

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    Jul. 21, 2003
    St Aug, Fla


    Well Im just another novice rider as well but I do want to first congradulate you on getting him going after such a long recovery. Second, I really love your soft, steady hands. He has a "safe" place he can go to the bit with - you arent pulling on him or bumping him in the mouth. You also have a really nice, steady leg (from what I can see lol). I think you are on the right track with him - keep him steadily forward and accepting of your hand and you can start to slowly introduce bend, etc later on. Oh and you will probably get comments about the lack of helmet. I for one believe that we are all adults and can make that decision for ourselves but just fyi that youll get comments.

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    May. 22, 2008


    Thank you both.. I appreciate the nice comments..
    I have uploaded another video from our ride today in another thread. I was not sure how or where to add it in this thread and change the title to show updated.

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    Apr. 1, 2003
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    So I agree with other poster - leg and hands look good.

    Not sure "when" in ride you started taping but would suggest starting horse on longer rein and nose in front of the vertical (slightly) - long and low. Although his tail was swinging starting that way should help free his back a bit more.

    In video you did more tracking left than right. Not sure if this was because he needs more build up in one direction than the other or just you weren't tracking it. So I suggest LOTS of figure eights working on change of bend using a few steps of leg yield when crossing the center line. Will help him get hind legs more underneath himself (not an issue at this point) in preparation for the future.

    Nice job!
    Now in Kentucky

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