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    Default Debating on half leasing out my horse

    So, I have this great, albeit wonky pms-y mare. She's a better horse than I am rider. I take lessons regularly, and I cannot get to the farm every day (which this horse would benefit greatly from). I plan on eventing her (someday) but my plan is to start her doing dressage schoolie shows this summer.

    I see lots of people who need a horse to ride/show this summer. Which leads me to wonder if I should half lease my mare out.

    I asked the BO to ride her for me (BO wants to show the mare as well, which is cool with me). BO shows a lot of interest verbally, but hasn't ridden her yet. I had an emergency in the family and was out of state for a week and told BO to have at it, ride her! Have fun! But she did not ride her. I know she wants to, but seems hesitant.

    I know that if I tell her I am thinking of half leasing out the mare, the BO will have a mini freak and say she'll ride her (but then she won't).

    Its not about money, its about schooling the horse who could benefit from an experienced rider when I can't do it. But there again, the horse is WAY too nice to free lease to someone.


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    Don't. The ONLY problem is that you don't think you ride well enough. Will having the horse learn to respond to someone else help? Don't think so. You can learn and improve without actually sitting on the horse.

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    The BO isn't going to ride her for you. My guess is that she has more than enough horses to ride for free already.

    If you want the horse ridden regularly, consider a hiring a trainer to do it.
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    Agree, most people looking for a lease they are going to be paying half on want something that is experienced at horse shows so they can go have a fun horse show.

    Your situation benefits you greatly but is not so hot for a half lease person. Going to be they pay to school her up and when she gets good? You take her back.
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    I agree with findeight. I just half leased out one of my horses and my new leaser was complaining that everything she went to look at was super green and the owners should have been paying her to ride instead of vice versa.

    Most people looking for a half lease don't want a project. They want something to hack out, show and have fun on. And be able to learn while doing it

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