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    Default Development of US high performance pairs

    This is a nice article describing the difficulties many of our up and coming high performance riders are facing in getting international competition exposure.

    Some of our best contenders for future teams are having to forego opportunities to compete in Europe due to high costs associated with travel/training/competing internationally, and their need to stay at home to service their own student/clients.

    Not sure what the solution is, unless major sponsors can be found to help fund training/competition trips. Even so, it is tough for riders with established businesses to leave for weeks or months at a time.

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    The whole system needs to be examined. It costs too much money to quote successfully unquote campaign a horse internationally these days. The system relies on very wealthy people with personal agendas to back the rider and the horse so they have no other responsibilities. How does this select for the best riders and horses? It doesn't. It selects for the wealthiest backers and the people/horses they want to back.

    Yea, trainers SHOULD serve the people who pay them. It's how business is.

    The current system is a result of what owners and trainers and judges worldwide have made. They want this? They have this. Sorry to seem cranky but you can see this coming a mile away. Can't have your cake and eat it, too.

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    Thanks for your comments, and I absolutely agree that costs have gotten out of control, and they will get worse as fuel prices continue to rise.

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    What a disapointment! It is a shame that her hard work and talent are not going to be utilized... Good for her for funding most of her cometition career herself though, she appears to be a very hardworking individual. No doubt she will get there again. And hopefully if she is able to make it on a European tour later it will pay off.

    And yes, the sport and its costs are crazy.

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    Default Fyi

    At an HP riders meeting this spring, AG said 'those of you with sponsors need to get yourselves over to Europe to compete'

    She said that there wasn't money like there had been in the past.

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    FWIW Lendon Grey and Kim Whithurst partially financed Seldom Seen's trip by selling T shirts "Dressage is Seldom Seen"
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