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    Default Strange Hindend Lameness

    Hi everyone,

    I have a 12yr old gelding that has had lameness issues in the front end for the past 2 years (collateral ligament strain and navicular). He is currently sound and back to showing training level/1st level dressage.

    With that being said, after shoeing he is very awkward in his hind end. On pavement only and at the walk only he pulls his back right leg backwards immediately before striking the ground. So basically, he swings his back right forward in a normal walk step, and then pulls it back about 6 inches before bearing weight. This horse does not like to be shod and tends to hold his back legs up very high and tight with a lot of tension.

    In the ring or the driveway he is sound at the walk/trot and has no problems under saddle.

    Has anyone seen this behavior? I am not terribly concerned because the horse is very sound and moves happily forward while under saddle. The vet thinks it has something to do with compensating for soreness in the front end for the past two years. Any thoughts?

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    Dec. 9, 2010
    Greensboro, NC


    Just a bump, and small update.

    The horse is now simply stiff and not tracking either straight or forward with either back leg. It looks like a trip to the vet for injections (hip, stifle, SI) after a round of xrays.

    This horse has never been injected, but given that he is 12 and is showing various degrees of stiffness and lameness it may be time.

    Can anyone give their experiences on how your horse acts and moves when in need of joint support?

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    Have you considered getting a good chiro to adjust him? I've had several horses that went through injuries and then were sore in their backs from compensating for so long.

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