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    Apr. 5, 2011

    Default Dream Park in Southern Jersey-Is it all that?

    Hey I just heard about this place in Gloucester Southern New Jersey, the website makes it look amazing, but websites can do that. Any opinions??? Would you board a horse there and is there a good trainer working there, I did not see one listed?

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    Dec. 10, 2007


    I rode there several times last summer and fall, and the grounds are pretty nice. They were doing a lot of construction on a new cross country course but the indoor was a good size (A/C and heat I believe). Footing left much to be desired but was fine as long as there wasn't a whole bunch of rain and it was watered regularly. The maintenance staff was good that I experienced. I heard from several people who ride there that the management did not have much horse-knowledge that such a large place required. Overall, it has a lot of potential just not sure if the right people are running it. Luis Galindo trains out of there and does a pretty good job, although he's directed much more towards jumpers then hunters but teaches a great foundation. His assistant trainer Katie is really fantastic.

    feel free to pm me w/ any specific questions, I spent quite a bit of time there.
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    Sep. 30, 2007


    It's a nice place but laid out kind of weird, from a show standpoint anyway. The outdoor rings are in front of the indoor and then there is a tiny warm up ring back behind the indoor and the temporary stabling, so you can't see/hear what's going on in the show rings. The indoor is huge and heated (no AC that I know definitely wasn't on when I showed there in 100+ heat last summer), but footing is not the best. They also have a "bubble" warm up ring for the indoor. Outdoor rings are a decent size but nothing special.

    Do a search on here for threads about it, I remember a very lengthy (and negative) one regarding the management.

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    Oct. 6, 2002
    Philadelphia PA


    I love love LOVE showing there. I would not want to board there.

    I had heard Louis Galindo was leaving/left but I don't know if that's true?!
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    Apr. 23, 2006
    Southern NJ


    To show there is fine.

    DO NOT BOARD THERE!!! I did and have first hand experience (and evidence) of the lack of knowledge, care, and service. Even as recent as this weekend people I have run into are telling me about the continued drama and scary management decision.

    Feel free to contact me.

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