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    Dec. 4, 2005
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    Default Custom dressage boots sole options question ...

    What are your thoughts on the leather sole versus the ribbed, welted sole? Cavallo offers this option, in addition to an additional glue on rubber sole, that I think can apply to either sole?

    Thanks so much!
    dressage. n, the passionate pursuit of perfection by the obsessively imperfect.

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    Nov. 24, 2002
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    Default I got the leather ones on my customs several years ago

    Because that's what I had ridden in ages ago when I had my first pair. After riding for eons in Ariat paddock boots, I now wish I'd gotten a similar sole to the paddock boots I usually ride in, plus the leather soles seem thin, and get scuffed on gravel, can't hose the mud off, etc. I save mine for shows, but it does feel very different. So I either ride in my tall boots all the time, or I deal with the fact that there's a 1/2 inch difference when I ride.

    My next pair won't have leather soles I don't think.

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    Jul. 6, 2007


    Cons of leather soles are they can be very slippery on smooth surfaces, and the leather will get dry and get cracks in it, which then will need to be re-soled.

    Having both types several times, I always go with the rubber soles now.

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    Nov. 25, 2008
    Stuttgart, Germany


    There is a lady at my barn here with leather soles on her boots... I find it hard to decide if its her walking or a horse walking down the aisle when I hear her coming... her boots are sooooooooooo LOUD!

    My old foxhunting friend said leather soles keep your feet warmer. I feel that as a dressage rider (read- diva or Dressage Queen) that I'm not out in the cold quite long enough to reap the benefits... not to mention that smart wool socks accomplish amazing things.

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    Jan. 13, 2008


    I like leather soles for a couple of reasons. They are more flexible. They are warmer. They will slide out of the stirrup faster in case I get dumped and are much less likely to get my foot hung up.

    I got double soles when I ordered my last pair and steel wedges in the heels so they do not wear down quickly.

    When I clean my boots, I will clean the soles and oil them and condition them just like the rest of the boot.

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    Sep. 20, 2000


    I got leather soles when I got my Dehners, I wished I had gotten the rubbers ones instead now. Dehner says they are pretty easy to resole, so I am just waiting for the leather to wear out and then I will replace them. I can tell you they are not as cushy or shock absorbing as the rubber. I had to put in a pair of gel footbeds, which made them very comfy so they are fine now. Next pair will have rubber soles.

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    Apr. 5, 2011
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    I don't care for leather soles either (because of the upkeep and care they require and you feel every little thing through them while walking). My Mountain-Horse tall boots have the SCS (Stirrup Control System) which I absolutely LOVE!
    As to my western show-boots: I dyed the crepe soles dark, so that I don't have to wear boots with leather soles Sure you will love your new Cavallos!
    Classical Horsemanship

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