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    welara Guest

    Default Cart Shafts ???

    I have a nice wood easy entry that I need to get new shafts for. Does anyone know a place in FL to get them. I have a 13.2 hand pony and need 60" shafts evidently my cart has only 55" and one shaft was already broken and repaired at the end. I was so excited about the price on the cart I didn't ck it out close enough. Being new to this I took the word of the seller it would work.

    I do have a metal Training cart but the shafts while long enough are to narrow at the end. Would it be OK to have them widened by a welder friend or should I just get a new set up made as it is all one piece for this cart.

    Thank you

    My pony has been trained by a professional and I want to start driving soon as he already has been home 3 weeks without driving.

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    Aug. 10, 2010


    if you get wood shafts, make sure they're made by a reputable craftsman, they need to be selected for strait grain by someone with plenty of experience using them, since they're usually made from sawed wood. Actually the best shafts were made from split hickory, or ash, so there would be no cross grain. But that's a lot of hand work. Same for wood wheel spokes, but they are shorter so it's easier to find strait grain pieces in sawed lumber.
    I would be hesitant to get painted shafts from anyone except a trusted source, can't see the wood grain. Clear coated ones can be inspected for non linear grain.
    It's well worth going after quality the first time around.

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    Oct. 10, 2008
    Marion County, Florida

    Default Carriage maker in Florida

    There's a guy in Lecanto, Florida who's apparently the go-to guy for wooden carriages.Ii want to say his name is something that sounds like Pave-Luck or Pavlov. You might try perusing the ads for the local driving club--FlaWhips.

    Don't mess around with anyone who hasn't done it a thousand times before--your safety and the safety of your pony are at stake(no pun intended).

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    Oct. 14, 2002


    John Pavlick in Lecanto, Buggies and More,

    I don;t have a phone number but if you go over on the Florida Whips yahoo group, I bet someone would have it.

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